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I've been back in Cheshire this week at Gawsworth Fisheries, one of my favourite day ticket waters, with an angling chum named Dan, just for some fun and a bit of a catch up...

I had intended to fish for tench and crucian carp; the warm morning and abundant lilies just looked right, a slight dawn mist rising off the still water and pin sized bubbles fizzing everywhere...perfect?! Baiting with a ball of groundbait and dropping a handful of pellets over the top, I proceeded to tackle up my float rod with a small crystal waggler, dotted down until just the tip showed when the bait rested on the lake bed, and a size sixteen hook. For bait, I'm still on the excellent Marukyu groundbait range, now available in two kilo bags, a few Skrill (squid and krill) pellets, and then the versatile Credence Corn on the hook. This super resilient hookbait is resistant to the continued attentions of tiddlers, packed with attractors and can be used again and again without issue; I prefer to hair rig it, but it can be used directly on the hook.

Within seconds of casting, the float started to register interest as fish homed in on the bait; a dip below the surface and the first fish of the day was on the way to the waiting net! After unhooking,  bream of around two pounds slipped back into the water and I dropped the float back on the happened again...and again...and again...and continued for the next hour!

No tench or crucians, it was obvious I had a shoal of bream over the bait and nothing else was going to get a look in, so I decided to change tactics and moved to another pool....

I hadn't fished this particular pool before, and when I asked an angler sitting behind alarms what was in the pool, I was told "....carp." (Sigh!) After taking yet more bream on the feeder, I decided that I fancied a go at fishing shallow, and firing maggots or pellets over the top as I'd seen a few flashes of gold which I took to be rudd..and I love rudd! Unsurprisingly, a few maggots quickly followed by my rig, resulted in numerous swirling boils as fish rushed in to pick off the float dipped and a small bream (aaahhhhh!) came to the net. Over the next few minutes, I alternated between half a dozen maggots and a pinch of pellets to get the fish competing; every cast a bite, half of them hit, and a fish in the net. To mix things up, I occasionally popped in a walnut sized ball of Marukyu Nori-G, a groundbait designed for silver fish which I mixed fairly wet to create a tempting green cloud in the surface layers Over the next couple of hours, I landed tench, gudgeon, roach, rudd, carp, crucians, brown goldfish, a single perch and a solitary barbel...and more bream..and some skimmers!



Both Dan and I spent the afternoon relaxing in the sunshine, flicking out pinches of bait and enjoying the mayhem as the fish went just a little bit mad for our offerings. Between us we probably landed almost 100lbs of fish, and had a thoroughly nice time...why not go back to basics every now and then? It's great fun!


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