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The glorious 16th has been and gone, and although I didn't get to fish the river on opening day, I did go the day after...

I love the River Derwent, and since joining The Earl of Harrington's AC in Derby, I've got access to nine miles of fish filled fun with some very big fish to target, so it was off to a new stretch to try my luck. The area I'd chosen to fish had thrown up a carp of 25lb 2oz a day previously, is renowned for big bream, tench, pike and perch, and has plenty of back up fish such as roach, minnow, dace and chub, so the fishing has the potential to be fast and furious, and best of all, you can never be sure what will happen next!

I try to fish two rods if I can, especially if I'm not familiar with a new swim, so my first rod was tackled up to take into account any big fish and was rigged with a couple of ounces of lead to hold bottom in the deep, powerful flow, a short, strong hook link and a big lump of meat soaked in Marukyu Krill liquid; this was launched out into the edge of the main flow around forty yards away. The second set up comprised a small maggot feeder and finer hook link to try and tempt a chub or river roach, which could be interchanged to use a small groundbait feeder if required, which was then dropped into the 'crease' and left to find a spot.

My swim was nicely tucked away amongst the bankside vegetation and it was lovely to be able to sit on my upturned bucket and watch the world drift downstream. I saw grey heron, cormorant, kingfisher and buzzard, dragonflies, swans and even a tiny fieldmouse which decided to stick around and sample some crumbs of groundbait! If you haven't fished a river, then I truly believe you are missing my opinion, it's far more interesting than most still waters!

Within a few minutes, I'd started to get a few indications on the maggot rod; a quick snatch around of the 'tip and I struck into thin air as I missed the bite. It happened again, and then a third time until I recognised the culprit; minnows! Minnows will attack maggots willingly, so I changed to a small open ended feeder packed with Marukyu EFG 142 and a worm hook bait.



The EFG 142 has larger particles in it which means it gets to the river bed quickly and the groundbait stays very close to the feeder which in turn means bait isn't really spread through the swim and instead concentrates fish in a smaller area. The addition of a few Skrill pellets also gave extra scent in the swim...



During the session, I started to get a good run of perch, chub and silvery roach; nothing of any real size, but still a challenge and great fun. I did miss a single definitive bite on the meat rod, but with hindsight, I feel it may have been a bream brushing against the line rather than a barbel or carp, so my quest for a bigger fish ended in defeat. After a good three hours of concentration, the swim went completely quiet; I have no idea whether a pike had noticed the commotion, or whether the fish had just stopped feeding as the air temperature dropped, but I was becoming increasingly incensed by the tenacity of the resident gnats, so I decided to pack up and return to the van.

Overall, I had about 15lbs of fish, all in pristine condition and which were an absolute joy to catch. Glorious 16th? It certainly was for me! (Even if I was a day late!)

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