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In this part of the Aqua "Atom Concept" product reviews, the Roving Rucksack is put under the spotlight. Arguably one of the most sought after products from the range, is it suitable for other anglers than the ones that light to travel light?

The Roving Rucksack appears to be just a compact rucksack when taken out of the box, but Aqua have a track record of surprising the customer - and the Roving Rucksack does that!



The Roving Rucksack has been designed for the angler that likes to travel light primarily, but will suit all anglers other than those that carry the kitchen sink with them on the longest of sessions. With dimensions of 56cm x 48cm x 24cm and an empty weight of 2.8 kilos, it certainly fits in with the travelling light products on the market. The Roving Rucksack is constructed using Aqua's "Endura" material that has been affixed to a moulded EVA base. The moulded base is much easier to keep clean than traditional materials as well as not wicking moisture in to the bag when placed on wet ground. Another function of the moulded EVA base is that it enables the Roving Rucksack to retain its shape when empty. When the top flap of the Roving Rucksack is opened, there is a thin pocket situated in each corner of the rucksack, along with 4 thin strips of metal. These pockets are to house the strips of metal so that the fabric body of the Roving Rucksack does not collapse when empty. We all know what it is like trying to rummage around in a collapsed bag to fid something in the dark!



The top flap is secured to the main body along the bottom edge only, and along the 3 other edges runs a double puller zip to allow the maximum amount of entry to the interior. The top flap is padded extremely well to sit comfortably on the back when carried as a traditional rucksack. Inside the top flap is a full length and width mesh pocket which is large enough to house a lot of gear. I use it to house the Winter Skin and Groundsheet for the Atom bivvy (albeit with a bit of a squeeze but without affecting the shape or comfort).



The main body section of the Roving Rucksack has a lot of features. When the metal strips have been fitted, you can then fit a supplied central divider which has a moulded EVA recessed section fitted to it that acts as a small bivvy table. The recessed section alleviates the risk of baiting needles or other items that might be needed to hand rolling off and being lost in the undergrowth! If the table is not to your taste, you can flip the central divider upside down and have the moulded section at the bottom of the rucksack or remove the divider completely if this is the way you prefer.



Inside the main section, Aqua have thought about what the angler will require. In one half of the interior, 3 pockets are fitted: two open topped mesh pockets on the sides and a zipped pocket at the end. On the opposite end of the interior 2 zipped security pouches are supplied which are secured by a Velcro strip until required. The main section is also lined with a nylon material that also helps to stop the inside of the rucksack getting damp in rain or damp conditions.



On the exterior of the main body, extremely comfortable shoulder straps with both waist and chest straps enable the rucksack to be carried with ease. The straps can be moved to fit around the sides of the Roving Rucksack with a little manipulation to access the interior. At each end of the rucksack, Aqua have fitted handles which make it easy to load and unload from a barrow or car boot.



On the bottom of the rucksack, there is a zipped exterior pocket which houses two buckle straps that are designed to carry the Atom bivvy or Roving Unhooking Mat. With the straps set to the longest length, you can securely fit BOTH the Atom bivvy and Roving Unhooking mat without realy affecting the balance or comfort when being carried. If you do not own either of these, you can adjust the straps for other items, or simply leave the straps zipped away in the pocket. This is probably my favourite feature of the rucksack!



On the long exterior sides, Aqua have fitted external zipped pockets. On one side a full length and width pocket has been fitted which easily houses most banksticks and buzzer bars, and on the opposite side, two pockets are fitted in an approximate 2/3 + 1/3 length configuration. The larger pocket holds a set of Reuben Heaton digital scales nicely and the smaller pocket can house a carp care kit or other smaller items that might be needed quickly.



The Roving Rucksack has been designed to slide easily under most bedchairs. This saves a lot of room in the bivvy and also allows the angler to easily fish out of the bag instead of having to pack lots of items away to move to showing fish.


Final Thoughts

I have used the Roving Rucksack now for a few months and cannot find any real fault with it! It houses everything other than bait and food that I require for a 48 hour session with ease - even if that means that almost half of the interior is filled by my DSLR! When I first took it out of the box and compared it in size to the 120 litre barrow bag I was using prior to this, I must admit I have reservations about if it would house what I required! After an hour or so of going through what I really did need to take with and what I didn't, I got everything in to the Roving Rucksack, and still could zip it up easily as well as actually lift it without injuring myself!!!

The security pouches are perfect for keeping valuables such as car keys, permits, wallet, etc in when on the bank as well as storing seldom used items such as spare batteries for alarms, head torches or radios.

The more I use the Roving Rucksack, the more I wonder how I used anything else in the past.

If I had to come up with one change, it would be to have removable carrying straps so they did not have to be manipulated out of the way to open the main section. This would also be of use to those that use a barrow exclusively. This is a minor niggle and does not detract away from the Roving Rucksack, but I have to be honest.

The Aqua Roving Rucksack has a RRP of £89.99 which for what you are actually getting for your money, is extremely good vaue for money.

I am converted to the Atom Concept now and cannot see me wanting to move away from it unless I am going abroad for an angling holiday.

For information on any of the products in the Aqua range, please click the image below.


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