Braided hooklengths specifically designed for carp and specialist anglers have been around for many years now and this lightweight material is as popular today as they have ever been. One of the major issue with using braided hooklengths is the majority currently available have to have weight added, whether it be with shot or putty to enable them to sink and stay on the bottom, particularly whilst fish are in the area. The process of weighting the material down can, if over done, take away from the materials performance and in cases where cautious big fish are the target, this can affect your presentation critically. To assist with getting it right every time Essex based KORDA have come up trumps with the introduction of the new for 2014 DARK MATTER SUPER-HEAVY BRAID HOOKLENGTH.



As soon as you pick up a spool of this new braid, you instantly notice the extra weight it carries compared to a standard 20m spools of braided hooklengths but this extra weight doesn't affect the suppleness of the braid in any way, remaining supple and as easy to work with as the original SUPER NATURAL braids from KORDA. To blend into the majority of aquatic backdrops, it features a banded-camou finish making it virtually invisible on silt, gravel and weed backdrops (the UKMA team have tested it). The additional weight of the DARK MATTER SUPER-HEAVY BRAID HOOKLENGTH is designed to make it hug the contours of the lake bed, keeping everything pinned down over you spots, reducing the chance of fish being spooked. The tough fibre filaments used in the construction of this braided hooklengths makes it slightly thicker than standard options of the same breaking strain but to compensate it has been manufactured to produce a smooth, round profile, making it much better for the fish over some of the more abrasive options out there at present.



Final Thoughts

After tying a few rigs and having a really good play around with this new braided hooklength material, the UKMA team are very impressed with it all round potentials and usability. Using a standard knotless knot and finishing the rig off with a figure of eight connection look, we found that all breaking strains more than matched the poundage written on the spool before breaking on the knot. The DARK MATTER SUPER-HEAVY BRAID HOOKLENGTH is suitable when tying a magnitude of rigs including solid bag, the Slip-D rig, combi-rigs and the majority of standard bottom bait presentations will all work perfectly when using this well thought out super-heavy brad material.

It is available 15lbs, 20lbs and 30lbs breaking strains from all leading KORDA stockists and you should expect to pay around £13.99 per spool.


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