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It is very rare that an actual new pattern of hook hits the shelves, as most are simply the manufacturers take on a traditional pattern with a couple of little tweaks to make them "different".

When the Krank was being mentioned online and also on the bank, most anglers thought it would be a traditional pattern of hook rather than a radical new design!



The Krank hook is the brainchild of Tom Dove, who was looking to design a new pattern of hook that would lend itself perfectly to almost every situation faced by the angler when fishing bottom baits. Tom was looking for a pattern that didn't need "bells and whistles" to work effectively and would offer exceptional hooking potential when ued with a simple knotless knot.

The Krank has an aggresively short curved shank rather than the traditional curved shanks that are elongated, along with a wide gape on a round bend which leads to an offset inturned point. The combination of these simple features ensures that the hook turns every single time in making the point heavy due to the shorter shank.

The eye is straight and has a few millimetres of straight shank before the curve begins which allows a basic knotless knot to sit perfectly.

The Krank hooks are avaiable in micro barbed only and in sizes 2 through to 10. A packet of ten hooks have a RRP of £3.99.


First Impressions

I must admit that the Krank hook looked "wrong" to me when I first saw them, but I could not have been more wrong after having a play. The short shank in conjunction with the wide gape makes the point of the hook heavier than more traditional patterns, which means it turns instantly. The offset curved point also helps to lessen the chance of hook pulls, especially if you crimp your barbs. With anglers concentrating on how sharp the hook is out of the packet, I have to admit that the two packets I checked, every single hook point was razor sharp and needed no touching up with a file whatsoever. I am going to put my head on the block and state publically, that of the 20 hooks I checked (10 x sz6 and 10 x sz8), the Krank hooks are the sharpest hooks I have taken straight out of a packet!

I am one of these anglers that likes to keep things as simple as possible on the bank, but I carry 3 or 4 different patterns of hooks in different sizes to suit different rigs. I have now removed all the hooks I used for bottom baits and replaced the 10 or so different packs with just the 2 sizes of Krank's (only other pattern I have left in the pouch is a dedicated chod/stiff rig hook).

If you are a user of KD rigs or other simple bottom bait rigs, the Krank deserves a very close look. It has changed the way I approach my bottom bait rigs now!


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