New "Cling On" Tackle for 2014


Nash Tackle have strengthened their product portfolio for 2014 with a number of new terminal tackle items that a lot of anglers will find extremely useful in their end tackle arrangements.

With more anglers becoming paranoid about their end tackle sitting off the bottom of the venue they are fishing, Nash Tackle have thought about this and released some new products which are aimed at keeping your rigs pinned down.


Clingers - Diffusion Camo

Multi Purpose Sliding Rig Stops.

Clingers have almost unlimited uses in modern rigs and end tackle arrangements, making them essential in any carp or specialist tackle box. Easily slid on to monofilament, braided or fluorocarbon main line or hooklengths using the thin wire mounting. Diffusion Camo Clingers are perfectly suited to keeping double baits together on the hair, being used as stops for controllers or floats (both traditional wagglers fished lift style or larger predator floats), or as an anchor point for rig putty. The Clingers are teardrop shaped so you can make your rig more streamlined in flight.

Clingers are available in Small, Medium and Large to suit your requirements. 8 stops are supplied per packet.



Clingers - Tungsten

Tungsten Weighted Multi Purpose Sliding Rig Stops.

The Tungsten impregnated Clingers have increased density compared to the Diffusion Camo versions. Tungsten Clingers help keep main line and hook lengths nailed to the lake bed for great rig concealment. The uses for modern rigs and end tackles are only limited by your imagination and are suitable for counter balancing pop-ups, weighting hooklinks and trapping naked chod rigs. Tungsten Clingers are easily slid on to all lines using the wire mounting. As with the Diffusion Camo Clingers, the Tungsten Clingers are teardrop shaped.

Tungsten Clingers are available in Small, Medium and Large to suit your requirements. 8 stops are supplied per packet.



Cling On Leader

With leadcore being banned on a lot of waters nowadays, hollow "core-free" leaders are becoming more and more popular. Cling On Leader is a supple, ultra heavy hollow leader that is designed to take on the contours of the bottom. Cutting edge braiding technology using extra heavy PTFE and Dyneema fibre results in a fast sinking and extra tough leader material. Cling On Leader is as limp as braid but with most of the benefits of using a traditinal leadcore. With chod rigs, you will still need some sort of counterbalance to the rig to slowly sink the baited rig as Cling On Leader is not as heavy as a traditional leadcore is.

Some hollow leader materials are difficult to splice securely without the need for blobbing or the use of glue, but during our splicing tests, a standard 4cm splice held solid and was smooth leading up to the loop over the splice with no need for any other attention.

Cling On Leader material is available in Weed, Gravel and Silt colourations to suit the substrate that you are fishing over. 20 metres of Cling On Leader material is supplied per spool.



Cling On Tungsten Putty

Nash claim that Cling On Tungsten Putty is the "stickiest rig putty available". On opening the neat little tins and unwrapping the putty from the waxed paper in side - which stops the putty sticking to the interior of the tin - , the putty is soft to the touch but with a consistency that will not fall off on the cast. Cling On Tungsten Putty is perfect for use with all hooklink materials and moulds around a Clinger or knot smoothly. Once placed in to cold water, Cling On Putty does stiffen up a little and this helps with keeping the putty in place where you want it. Small "mouse droppings" placed on the line will stay in place but will pull off should the line go through weed or brush against other obstructions.

Cling On does exactly what it says. Its extreme density formula allows you to streamline rigs more effectively than ever whilst keeping links, hookbaits, leaders and tubing safely pinned down where it matters most. Available in three colour blends for total concealment.



Cling On Tungsten Tube

Where leaders are banned totally, tubing is a great option for preventing tangles on the cast. Some traditional plastic tubings tend to hold air bubbles along the length which can lift them off the bottom. Cling On Tungsten Tubing is a supple rig tube that has been impregnated with tungsten to sink the tube along its complete length without the need for adding putty to the tubing. When fished with a semi slack line, the tubing will take on the contours of the bottom and create an area around the baited hooklionk where the fish can move about without catching its fins on the line or tubing. When fished over silt, the tubing will sink into the sediment a little creating even more concealment. The weight of the Cling On Tubing will also add additional weight to the complete end tackle which enhances the bolt effect. Cling On Tungsten Tubing is easy to thread with mono or flourocarbon lines due to the 0.75mm internal bore, but to thread braided mainlines through the tubig a threader will be required.

Nash supply two metres of Cling On Tubing per packet, which is more than enough to rig up 3 rods.



Final Thoughts

Nash have thought about what the angler requires and the products in this review will have a place in my tackle pouch. All the products do as they are designed to and I know that I will be able to fish with the confidence in my end tackle is presented to the best it can be.

The above products should be available now in your local Nash Tackle dealer.

For further information on any of the products from Nash Tackle, please click the image below.


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