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First Impressions

Good quality leaders are a must have terminal tackle item these days, offering the angler a quick ready to go rig option that can be assembled at home and totally removed and easily store for use at a later date. So after looking deeper into the potentials of leaders those clever chaps at Nash have realised that they sell all the components to manufacture a ready to use leader, so why don’t we supply them, Genius! So to accompany there already successful 0.75 and 1.5m diffusion Camo leaders they have increased the range by an impressive eight new products cranking the range to an impressive 10 leader options,.

This vastly expanded range now consists of the Helicopter Leaders that incorporates the new Nash Helicopter bead system that is very clever and well worth a second look. Then you have the Safety Bolt Bead Leaders that includes the best lead clip system on the market in my opinion. For those snaggy pegs you have the Weed Safety Bolt Bead Leaders that guarantee that you will drop your lead every time. Then last but not least are the Run Rig Leaders. Now although the lead clip is perfectly designed to work in conjunction with all Nash Tackles leads with a swivel, if the leads you use incorporate a Berkley or any other size 8 swivel with a large centre barrel you may have a few issues as these DO NOT FIT into the Diffusion Camo Run Beads.



Over the past 2 years the team at UKMA have (apart from the new Helicopter Bead System) used every component in the Leader range and have 100% trust in there reliability and quality of performance. We have tried out the new Helicopter Bead system and it has already landed fish over twenty pound and although supple it truly stood up to the test. The slight issue with the Diffusion Camo Run Beads is only a problem if you don’t check to make sure the leads you use are compatible. As we previously stated, it seems to be that leads that incorporate the Berkley swivels are the only ones that don’t fit BUT always check just in case.

All the Leaders in the range are available in 0.75m, that sell for £5.49 each and the 1.5m versions sell for £6.49 each and should be available at all leading Nash tackle stockists very soon.



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