With literally hundreds of different one man bivvies from numerous manufacturers to choose from, making a decision on what to buy that will cover your own personal requirements can be a real mission. To assist you in your quest for a good quality one man bivvi, the UKMA team have been field testing 'THE ROOM' one man and OVERWRAP for the past year to see how well it would stand up to long term usage in all weather and extremes of temperatures. Read on to find out what we thought of it and most importantly what it has to offer you!





Vital Statistics

This latest one man offering from PROLOGIC is manufactured to  a very high standard utilising all the features you would now expect from a quality bivvi. The skin used is a distinctive new green in colour and made from a 5.000mm, 100% waterproof and breathable hard wearing nylon fabric, which is supported by the very easy to assemble solid aluminium stormsafe framework. Each of the four frames features four joints that connect together in no time at all, they also have the standard elastic running through the centre of each frame to create a fully tensioned and solid structure once assembled. The heavy duty groundsheet (supplied as standard) is attached to the internal of the main skin via a easy glide zip system that once full attached guarantees that non of Mother Natures nasties including insects and rodents are kept out at night (very clever idea). Also supplied as standard you get a set of four interlocking fully adjustable frame supports that once fitted and tensioned, these make the structure incredibly stable, even in the strongest of winds.



Other key features incorporated in the design of 'THE ROOM' include the huge rear ventilation meshed panel. this can be revealed by opening the zips on either side and pulling the Velcro fastening at the base, then simply roll the cover up and secure via the three elasticated toggles. All the metallic pegging points are multi aligner, meaning no matter how uneven the ground is, you can always tension the bivvi perfectly by using one of the three metal loops fitted on all pegging points. t create even more tension all the pegging points feature an elasticated ball system, this reduces stress on the stitching on the pegging points when the wind is blowing at gale force. As standard you also get a full set of heavy duty steel pegs with plastic heads and these are supplied in a vinyl roll up bag. On the front frame of 'THE ROOM' you have to Velcro rod retainers, which come in handy when re-baiting, changing terminal tackle, setting up or for storing you marker and spod rods when not in use.



Once fully erected, 'THE ROOM' One Man measures in at 128cm in height x 285cm wide x 250cm deep, which gives you more than enough room for even the largest of bed chairs and all your luggage, bait buckets etc with plenty of room to spare.  The oversized front door has three interchangeable panel options to suit all conditions and environments. For severe weather or night time situations where the wind is blowing hard in your face and you need total protection from the elements, you have the solid green panel, which enables you to keep the elements out and is best suited when visibility is not an priority. The second option is the clear plastic window, this enables you to keep the door closed when the wind and rain are hammering in your face, whilst still giving you full visibility, meaning you can easily monitor the lake without getting soaked. The third and final option is the Mossy Mesh panel, which ideal for hot summers nights when you require ventilation to keep the internal chamber cool and eliminate any chance of mosquitoes entering the bivvi.



Key Feature

One major stand out feature of this well designed bivvi is the oversized front door. This features  two way zip which opens from the top and enables you to open and close the door in seconds. Once fully opened you can roll the door up tightly and secure it via the elasticated toggles just above the ground sheet. in warm weather or with a back wind, once opened fully you have unrestricted visibility to enable you to monitor your baited areas at all times.






Vital Statistics

This easy to fit OVERWRAP is made to the exact same specifications as 'THE ROOM' one man bivvi. It has been manufactured from the same 5.000mm, 100% Waterproof and Breathable Fabric. It has a detachable zip off front panel for those sessions where the front extension is not required.  This panel also features a front door that has zips on either side for ease of access and closing. The front door also includes a mosquito mesh panel that can be utilised by simply removing the solid green panel that is attached via four full length Velcro fastenings. This durable OVERWRAP also features the same metallic multi aligner pegging points as the main bivvi to make pegging out on uneven ground an easy process. All seams have been double stitched and then taped for assured waterproofing and strength. For transportation purposes, the OVERWRAP comes supplied with a tidy, branded carry bag with pull cord closing and webbed shoulder straps for ease of carriage.



For the full specifications video from PROLOGIC, please watch the below video;



Final Thoughts

After several sessions out on the bank over the past year, enjoying some of Mother Nature's worst offering including gale force winds, torrential rain, blistering temperatures and harsh frosts. The UKMA team can highly recommend 'THE ROOM' One Man Bivvi and the OVERWRAP from PROLOGIC as a very reliable, all weather shelter combination. During the warmer months, 'THE ROOM' used on its own produced minimal condensation, which is expected from all single skin shelters and this was greatly reduced if we kept the rear vent open at night 9weather permitting). The over-sized front door gives you exceptionally good visibility, even when laying on your bedchair and if the weather turns, you can close it in less than 5 seconds as the zips function perfectly every time. We found that once the shelter was fully erected the inner chamber was very spacious, offering enough room to store all the luggage and accessories required for a long session with room to spare.



If you are planning on spending long periods out on the bank, here's a top tip for you. By leaving the rear vents open and fitting the OVERWRAP, this keeps the inner chamber cool on the hottest of days and totally eliminated internal condensation. During those sweltering hot day, we also removed the OVERWRAP's front panel and full opened the front door to create a cool environment to relax in, whilst watching the spots and  the day drift by totally relaxed. Even when out in freezing conditions with torrential rain and the front door closed, with the OVERWRAP fitted the condensation was near nonexistent, which is a blessing when you're out on the bank for a few days. All in all the UKMA team can't find fault on 'THE ROOM' One Man and accompanying OVERWRAP, All fixtures, fittings and materials used stood the test of time with minimal signs of wear and tear.

The UKMA team highly recommend that you shop around on-line for the very best deals on this top quality shelter combination, have a good look if you are in the market for a new bivvi, you won't be disappointed!

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