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Wed 23 January 13


One word to describe my pike fishing in the last few weeks and that’s “Tough”. I fished several different types of venue, river, lough, lough with river flowing through, and a enclosed lough. Some odd reports of captures off the river but it seemed to be was very patchy fishing indeed although with all this low pressure around the river in my book should be the place to head for!

A few blanks, and the odd jack were caught here and there only. So, I decided that somewhere different was needed at such hard times, I loaded up the camper for a couple of days away and headed for a bay on a big lough a place I’ve not fished properly since 1997! Back then some good doubles were caught and a 23Ib’er, so it was definitely worth another look, albeit 15 years later! There’s so many waters here in Ireland, you have to concentrate on a few or you’ll get know where, I’ve just been fishing and concentrating else where over this time but now I can see myself fishing this big lough a lot more nowadays as other waters fade away new waters open up. I think recognising when to move on is a great asset in fishing.

I pumped up the inflatable boat which I use sometimes for transportation and also taking the baits out with, it’s a very handy tool indeed purchased off ebay bay last year and has already has helped with the capture of some very nice pike. I will add “It’s no toy”, it’s an Achelees, a professional inflatable boat the same one’s the RNLI would use. Next step was to motor across the bay with all the fishing gear and Sam the dog with our life jackets on. Sam wearing the jack pyke technical camo neoprene dog vest with floatation inserts. It was a bit tight onboard but it all went okay there was just a small wave on at that time. Once I arrived I was quickly setting up long range float ledger dead bait rigs with “Luce bait” pollan as bait, rowed out and positioned just over the drop off into around 16ft of water with the help of a small echo sounder, some shoals of food fish were present and noted in the area. Baits positioned it was time for some tea and fill the diary out a practice I have done on every fishing day here in Ireland.

A few hours went by with nothing doing, but at 14.24 I got a good fast drop back on the right hand rod, winding down a good resistance was met, a few strong runs and a heave over the net lip a big shouldered 20 was landed and resting in the folds of the net, yes a good fish at last.

She weighed a solid 23.05, incredible I’ve now caught two 23’s 15 years apart from the same swim lol.
The next day a 7Ib’er made an appearance only and as the rain and wind started I decided to call this session a day happy with my 23.

The low pressure continued, and on other local waters jacks and blanks were again a feature of my fishing, With high pressure forecast from the 5th November, I got sorted with the boat for a trolling session, this was another bad day with just a jack to show, despite some good and variable presentation was fished with very little wind present. To top off this poor day when I re-fuelled the outboard engine she cut out and refused to start! Later the next day on investigation I found water in the petrol which had to come straight from the pump at the service station! So, I syphoned off the contaminated fuel and bought some new stuff and it seems okay with no damage done, lucky.

A short day on another lough bank fishing with the radio controlled boat produced yet another blank! I don’t think I have ever had as many blanks at this time of the year before, the temps have not been changing much here and this continued low pressure I am sure was not helping matters, it has to improve soon?

It was time to get the diaries out, I know it’s hard when I start to look through the old diaries lol, particularly the notes on new waters to try out pages. There was one water that stood out, and I knew I could fish it fairly well with the radio controlled boat and sonar, which incidentally I did not have back then when I wrote the initial notes about the place.

Camper van packed for another two days I headed for this new water, the baits were out fishing a little late at 10.30, but I was there for two days so not to bad really. At 12.05 just gone midday I was amazed the delkim made some good noise at last lol, it was a good drop back take, winding the slack in and feeling resistance I bent into a heavy fish at last. The pike gave a good scrap, with a few good runs taking out lots of braid, I guided her to the waiting net for the 3rd time and this time she slipped over the rim nicely. I gave her a good rest in the net after such a good fight, the worst thing a pike angler can do is lift the fish straight from the water after the fight. Rest the pike well, she needs oxygen and a good rest before the weighing and photos. She looked an old fish with battle scars and a tail fin split, some red sores too, but still a weighty one I thought as I lifted her in the folded landing net onto the waiting wet mat for the weighing and pics, at 26.02 I was delighted and well chuffed with this new water (to me) fish.

I fished on through the afternoon and night without a sniff, and the next morning I re-baited the rods with fresh pollan and a roach, and was waiting for the magic “zap time” to come around once again. I have noticed over the years many times doing a lot of pike fishing that I do, pike respond to the same moon time the day after on the same water if anything was going to happen at all it would come at this time of the day usually.

That being on this occasion the 26Ib’er was caught at 12.05, she responded to the 1st rebound effect from moon high orbit time which was 09.02 yesterday morning on a new moon – 3 day the rebound effect from that gravitational shift runs at + 3 hours at this time of year. Giving a time of 12.02.
The next day high orbit time was at 09.54, this gives a 1st rebound time of around 12.54 when you add on the 3 hours for the rebound effect from this time high orbit time. I got a take at 13.05 and landed a 19Ib.13oz pike the only take of the day I might add. She was a clean healthy young fish, and after catching the old girl she was a breath of fresh air for me for this new water, it’s possible a new door has opened up in my pike fishing now? Time will tell, I chopped up some pre-bait and dropped it out using the bait boat for my return later on next week.

I think this gives me a 2 twenty lead over Neville, but Nev’s booked onto Chew again this week so anything could happen there if your lucks in, I’m hoping Nev blanks again lol

I’m sure he’s saying the same about me!

Al Rawlings


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