Predator Blog Part Five

Mon 31 December 12


Approaching the slipway at dawn towing the boat, Neville was already there and waiting, he’s still very keen you know after 50 years of pike angling. We got the boat in loaded up and headed out onto the Lough, I knew roughly the area where I was heading, I saved some marks on the GPS last time, which turned out handy as there was dense fog! Arriving I had a quick search around with the sounder and this pointed me in the right direction for some fishing as a big shoal of perch in deep water showed up on the screen. The wind was down so that aloud us to deep float troll in flat calm weather, and Nev was on oar duty :)

It didn’t take long before I got the first take which was pleasing, a pike of about 17 pounds came to the boat and was quickly unhooked and released at the boat side. Then another about the same size, and then another, then something heavier took and I played a beauty to the waiting net she weighed 24.10 which put me on par with Nev’s 20 tally at 430, I joked with him about I’m going to over take you today lol…. Not if I throw you in you want lol Nev’s banter……..

I was out fishing Nev, so I commented on my different bait presentation to his, he had clocked that already and was now changing his approach, a few more doubles each, and then I was into another good pike, I soon had her in the net with my strong tackle and after resting her in the landing net, she was un hooked and weighed at 20.08 but looked allot more as she was a long fish. Nevertheless that fish made pike angling history, as I have now caught more 20Ib+ pike than anyone else in the British Isles over taking a begrudged Neville lol.

A few smaller doubles were landed in the afternoon, and we soon retired to the vans for food and a good rest. The next day we were out again early, the day was allot slower which is typical after such a good haul the previous day. We trolled around and caught an upper double each and some jacks, we fished half the day and both agreed enough was enough, time to throw in the towel.

To sum up the trips then, we had 6 days fishing on two waters, 4 twenty’s caught to 24.10, and around 25 doubles to 18, best methods were lures (Rozemeijer Tracker, Bulldawg, Castaic) and suspended baits (roach, perch) either drifted or trolled all in all a good weeks fishing. The weather went from cool and ended up warm with light south easterly winds. The new JackPyke fleece jacket was exceptional, keeping out the wind and rain showers proved no problem, both comfortable and warm and when coupled with Jack pyke’s neck gaiter creates a good wind barrier for us fishermen.

Next, jigging for perch, and with the proper pike season just around the corner now, I’ll be out and about looking for new venues to try this fall.

Al Rawlings


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