Predator Blog Part Four

Thu 20 December 12


I really needed that day off to recover from the early mornings and long days afloat, fishing two days on and then having one day off was a good idea. I met Neville at the slipway the evening before the fishing this time so I didn’t have to do the long drive in the morning which turned out well as I was allot fresher sleeping in the camper Lough side. We loaded the Wilson with our tackle and headed off, the plan was to start float trolling a shallow bay, we had no idea if there was any pike present, we just had to fish it and see but historically it has produced well, after 2 hours of trolling on the electric nothing had grabbed our baits and there wasn’t many signs of life either, so we headed off to bay number two (plan B.) On arriving we saw a boat already in the bay, two Polish anglers lure fishing! We stayed for a while and we saw a low double being caught and thankfully released, another hour went by with nothing showing despite allot of lure chucking and bait drifts. There were pike present but they were not interested yet, we had to wait for a moon trigger to sort that out. Neville being a moon sceptic lol, said there’s no pike there, and it’s probably been hammered? I would of liked to have gone back later in the day to try, but Neville was the captain today.

Plan C was to go exploring, and hopefully find some weed, where there’s weed there’s pike, Nev set a course for an island that had previously held weed on it’s sheltered side, and on arriving although there was some weed present we both agreed that it was a little on the sparse side to hold numbers of prey fish and pike, we are essentially looking for a food chain. . We trolled around for a couple of hours anyway to see if there was any life present, but it was all quiet.

Fish On!!

Plan D was to find some more weed, and we headed over to another island to have a nose, and we fell lucky, and found a good bit of dense Potamogeton along it’s sheltered side again. A few drifts casting lures and towing baits set very shallow so to pass over the weed were fished, nothing happened but we were both confident that pike were at home in such favourable surroundings, there was food topping around us. As the wind increased we started another drift and Nev gets a screamer on a towed bait which turned out a good double, and then I hit into a nice double too on the Rozemeijer Tracker jerk bait, these lures are very easy to fish and cast well too, just a gentle tap and a pause is needed to send the lure side ways and then the other way, walking the dog sweeping action is a great action that pike just love to hit.

A feeding window had opened up from a moon time and they were now on, now we can see what’s present in this big pot bed. We caught a few more pike each on lures and the baits before the action ceased, and it was back to waiting for the next moon trigger to hopefully stir the pike again into action and that didn’t happen until the early evening when Nev took a 17Ib’er, and I a couple of low doubles, good sport from a hard water, on another more favourable period maybe bigger pike would have shown? I’ll have to go back and try.

The next day, we set out for a different area of this huge water, on arriving we found some weed present but despite casting lures and float trolling baits about for a number of hours nothing stirred again in the morning time, looks to me the pike were responding to a moon trigger later in the day and ignoring the AM one’s, and so it turned out.

We went on a big exploration to find some more weed beds but failed to find anything of size and density to support a food chain, and we ended up back at the island weed bed where we caught from yesterday. We knew there was pike present, and by now it was the afternoon and the pike responding trigger times would be approaching.

A few drifts later and allot of chucking lures about the pike eventually switched on, first I was in on the Tracker jerk again then Neville, at the end of the drift still over good dense weed Nev’s reel screamed off as a fast pike snaffled Nev’s suspended bait. Nev shouts out “get the net” as a hard and heavy battling pike stayed well down, a few seconds later a good double with a load of weed wrapped around it popped up. Nev said “well it felt bigger” lol….. Weighed her anyway at 17Ib’s something, which turned out the best fish, a few more drifts and some smaller pike were caught, and then we had both had enough and headed back to the slipway.

I think I’ll be going back to this weed bed at some time, on the right conditions approaching any bigger pike living in the weed would have a feed then. A day off from the fishing the next day, and then two more days afloat on a different water before Neville returns home and I’m the captain next. Yeeeehaaaa

Al Rawlings


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