Predator Blog Part Nine

Wed 06 February 13


To catch up with this blog I had to look back through my 2012 diary, it’s been a difficult and relatively slow going on the pike fishing front. However a few nice ones were caught along the way, the trip to Scotland’s highlands produced a new Scot’s PB for me at 25.07, incredibly the only run I had there! A few doubles were caught at a small trout water the next day out with Brian Marshal RO (regional organiser) for Tayside, Perth, and that night I performed my slideshow at Perth which was well received with a few beers were downed by all.

Early the next morning I was driving south to meet up with Jon Neafcy RO of Wigan PAC Pike Pro) for some pike fishing in the lake district, neither of us had a take that day but was good to fish part of the beautiful lake district and to meet up with Jon again.

That night I was performing my slideshow at the Wigan PAC base, and early the next morning heading south to the famous Norfolk Broad’s and meeting up with big fishing guru Nick Peat. Unfortunately the Thurne was in it’s usual sleepy state and we never got a bleep, not even from an otter run which was unusual!

Next on my list was a drive up to Lincoln for another slideshow, and even uncle Nev himself attended this one lol.
Next morning I was heading south once again to meet up with Ray Best for some breakfast and later some drain fishing, but the fishing theme continued and not much happened there but was good to fish some venues I’ve not fished or seen for years. and the next day was a trip to see my contact at Jack Pyke,

After that was some stop off fishing at Pentney lakes Norfolk, a night and a day produced just one fish for me, next on the list was Wakefield PAC slideshow, and a meet up with RO Ryan Brocklehurst, that all went well and the next day was some easy out the camper fishing on a canal where some small pike obliged us mostly Ryan lol. Back to the ferry port that night for the boat back to Ireland where the fishing had been a lot better that week before the colder weather hit there, typical I was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

But as it’s usually the same weather and temps although different timings, the fishing is the same too, Ireland was very slow going as well when I got back. Blanks and small fish was my results for a while until the 26th Dec when I changed tactics and venues and dropped on a decent fish of 26Ib.05oz at last. Then on the last day of the year I changed venue once more only to be lucky again with a nice pike off a new venue at 20Ib.10oz. That gave me 22 × 20Ib+ for the year.


Caught a few small fish at the start of the year, water levels were very high and temps had been dropping, the dreaded east winds were around too, but on 13th I had some luck and caught a nice trout of about 6Ib’s and a 17Ib pike, the next day I came back and fished another area only to get one take off a very welcome 21Ib’er, that’s got me off the mark for the new year.

This year I have some PAC slideshows booked up already around the country, starting with my first one here in Ireland on Feb 1st in Cork, I’m in Ayrshire Scotland on the 7th June, and at the PAC convention at the end of September, Cambridge on 2nd October, Surry on the 8th Oct, Bedford on the 9th Oct. Southampton on 4th Dec, Coventry on the 5th, and Stockport on the 9th Phewww lol

This year I can announce, I will be becoming a Jack Pyke retailer both on-line and a mobile shop at my talks, and I’m also going to be a mobile pike guide/tutor on my travels around the British Isles and Eire. So if anyone would like a days pike fishing out with me I’ll be in your area some time this year going by the PAC slideshows that I’m doing. Also, I might be arranging some organised pike trips to Ireland this year, You can contact me via email for more details.

Micky Jones (editor of the PAAS Esox Ecosse mag, (pike anglers alliance for Scotland) somehow did the impossible and got through to Bristol water, and booked up 4 day’s bank fishing ‘back to back’ at the famous big pike fishery, how he managed that I just do not know, I hope you did the lotto too Micky lol. Thanks for that one, I’m looking forward to this, let’s hope are luck is in 2014?

Al Rawlings


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