Predator Blog Part Seven

Tue 15 January 13


I had not been out pike fishing for a while, I was waiting for some cooler weather to approach, I was planing my first static bait session of the pike season, it starts a little earlier in the north west of Ireland. Watching the weather sites each day and looking at predicted air temps, I found what I was looking for on the 8th September, the air temps were predicted to take a dive on the 12th September so I planned a trip to start on the 10th and possibly fish through the colder period if need be. This was the first cooler period of September, and I always try and get out for a static session to mark the beginning of the pike season ahead, so to speak.

I was all set up and fishing at 11am in the constant heavy drizzle, there was no rush, evenings and early mornings would be the usual hot times to have the baits out at this time of year. On the net book the weather site was saying all the right things still, early morning temps were to hit 6 oc and to only reach 14 oc max during the day, this was going to last for two or three days ahead, perfect for forcing the bigger pike on to feed.

Tactics were medium to long range float ledger rigs incorporating 5oz leads and up traces, baits were popped up perch, I do well on perch in the early and late season and I have the confidence to stick with them even though it can be slow fishing. The baits were taken out using the bait boat and positioned on shallow ledges very close to deeper water using the on board sounder, then clipped up hard with heavy drop backs and Delkims Txi’s with sounder box for indication.

The first day produced a 12Ib fish and two micro jacks, which was encouraging as catching micro’s is always’s a good sign the bigger girls are going to come on or are already on? The evening came and went, all was quiet, another good sign of the bigger girls were to come on, I fished on through the night with no disturbances, and rebaited at 8am. The weather was quite chilly, and I checked the thermometer showing a minimum of 5 oc, All looking good still.

Moon high orbit time was at 09.37, and I was looking forward in anticipation for this trigger time to hopefully switch on the big fish, and I was right at 09.38 I got a screaming take and I pull into a heavy pike just then a huge gust of wind (which is typical on a moon time especially high orbits and low orbits) made the calm venue into a surfing location within seconds lol, None which bothered me I had the first static fished 20Ib+‘er on the end of my line who just wanted to go as far to my right as she could! I held on the strong gear I use comes in handy at such times, and eventually she was netted and rested for a good 15 minutes in the big landing net before un hooking, weighing, and photos. 21Ib.07oz I was very happy with that.

A new bait was taken out with the bait boat to the same area, and a cup of tea was in order and sort the photos out on the net book. The day remained slow, but at least the weather had changed and some sun shine had emerged and the rain had all gone. I had to wait for early evening for my next screaming take, and at 17.28 which is around moon set time it happened, I whacked into another heavy fish at distance, a few minutes later I was staring down into the net at a long well proportioned pike, a lump! . After a good rest I unhooked her in the landing net and sorted the weighing out she weighed light at this time of year at 25.04 but I didn’t complain of that. What a lovely fish she was, the old faithful a popped up perch had done the business yet again. I fished on through the night to see if any more lumps want to have a go, they didn’t and I packed up the next morning happy as can be.

Next day out was at the weekend with accomplished angler Matt Dean from Enniskillen, it was to be a perch day jigging and trolling cranks, and using the drop shot method too, the day was fantastic and a great laugh as always with Matt. We started trolling cranks and was picking up the odd small perch it was rather slow so we decided to try the other side of the lough, what a difference that move made, the perch were much more obliging here, Matt trolled up a bonus trout of 2 1/2Ib , I trolled up a bonus pike of 17Ib.08oz on the jigging rod ! In between lots of perch to up to and around the 1Ib mark. On the day trolled cranks was the best method, although Matt winkled out a few on the drop shot using a small white flat tail lure which he say’s he’s only got one of lol. Really enjoyed the day out, those perch are great fun.

Al Rawlings


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