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Mon 06 January 14


Pike fishing, targets, aims, and goals

Call them what you like, setting a pike catch target for the year has helped me achieve my goals. These targets that I set myself, without a doubt help me to motivate myself and dedicate my efforts a lot more than if I had none. Already I am thinking of my new targets for 2013, I fish as years not seasons, and use diaries to log all my fishing days, something I have been doing since 1996.

This year 2013, my goal was to catch 20 or more 20Ib+ pike, and I am really happy to say that I have achieved this goal with one month still to go. I set realistic goals for myself, nothing stupid, like a 35Ibers although if one turns up I would not complain of course. I am happy focussing on 20Ib+ pike, although I do try and fish venues with a chance of a 30Ib plus or even a 35Iber plus. Although I know the chances of connecting with such a mammoth on non trout water venues is like winning the lottery, and I don’t fish the trout waters much.

My two best pike years for 20’s were 1999, and 2001 where I managed to catch 37 20’s in both years, I doubt I’ll ever catch that amount again as the prolific waters I was once on are sadly no more. One of these waters (a shallow venue) the fish suffocated under 6 weeks of solid ice, and then a year later another 6 weeks of ice just to finish it off good and proper. The other water eastern Europeans are on the spot and have been for years now and sadly it’s just not worth the fuel any more to get down there as the results tailed off considerably.

Next year I am setting another realistic pike fishing goal, 20 × 20Iber’s again, nothing over the top a reachable goal for me with the fishing I do on the venues I fish. My ultimate goal is to reach 500+ 20Ib+‘er’s in 3 years time, that’s 20 20’s a year between 2014 and 2016. I am still averaging more than Neville per year so I should cement a good lead by then (lol).

I think for the rest of this year (December), I am going to try and target some big fish in Ireland and enjoy doing so in a relaxed happy manner, as I have reached my 2013 goal already. They say catching 3 20’s a year is a good number for the normal weekend angler, fishing the right waters and making more effort would increase this tally,

What’s your 2014 pike fishing goals?

Al Rawlings


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