Predator Blog Part Six

Fri 04 January 13


Heavy persistent rain was falling, driving to the venue the road was looking more like a river by the minute and driving was becoming very slow dodging the huge puddles on the inside of the bends. My destination was a small trout water which also allows some pike fishing, the PAAS (Pike anglers alliance for Scotland) had reserved two club fishing days, so I thought I’ll have a go myself, see if my luck was in?

The original plan was to team up with Esox Ecosse editor (PAAS club mag) Micky Jones, this plan was changed as Micky is doing some filming about dog training for TV lol, so I paired up with Davy Mcinally for the first day out in the boats. The fishing was slow going and there wasn’t much of note caught, except a 25 was caught within a minute out from the harbour on a spoon! No such luck for us, a jack and a nice double made an appearance, and that was that. Although Davy kept me entertained all day long, he can talk the back legs off a donkey lol.

The next day my boat partner was Graham Slater long time member of the PAC (Pike anglers club of great Britain) also a good chatter lol, our day consisted of a jack to Graham first and a double to me. Another 25 was caught this day too, this time falling to a Sardine for the lucky angler.
That evening I was heading west, to fish another trout water with a reputation for producing big pike, and what a fantastic looking water with snow evident on the high mountains in the distance. The barometer was keeping low with more rain forecasted, it wasn’t looking good for pike to feed but I was classing the visit as an exploratory trip, with another trip planned in the new year. I decided to fish static dead’s in the morning and if nothing was happening try slow float trolling in the afternoon. No takes were forth coming so trolling it was, eventually I got a take from a small pike, and then another, and that was it for the first day.

The next day another area was chosen for the dead baiting, and after 5 hours of nothing again, I set out trolling once more in a different area to catch something and to learn more about the venue. The same thing happened as the day before, two jacks from the 20ft contour and nothing anywhere else. It was evident the timing was completely wrong for the pike to feed.
To sum up then, it was great to fish and experience these new different waters, I’ve learnt a lot about both venues during my stay, I’ve covered lots of water with the sonar and mapped some good drop offs and shallow areas for my next visit and even looked at possible good bank swims to fish from to reach these good looking areas. So, fish wise nothing huge to report but a lot of knowledge gained. Now I’m in agony with my back, and out of action for a while, mean while Neville is on Chew and it’s on form and producing 20’s and 30’s today ! Nev one behind my 20 tally again and the day not over yet !

Al Rawlings


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