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Tue 12 February 13


February 1st I was in Co Cork for my pike slideshow and talk, which all went very well indeed, the proceeds went to the Irish blind dog society, and my travel expenses were covered too. Jack Pyke kindly donated raffle prizes as well as local tackle shops, it was one of the best raffles I’ve ever seen, great effort from Mike Quirke who organised it all. The night turned into a great knees up, and drinking to the very early hours Irish style lol.

The next day was meant to be spent fishing, well, we did get there and cast in around 2pm lol. Nothing was caught but I was there in the camper at the side of the Lough for a more serious effort the next day.

Two runs and two upper doubles landed to 17Ib was a result from a water and swim I’d not fished for over 10 years, I was happy with that. The next day the Cork lads arranged a fish at a local trout water, the fishing was to be lure and fly only, and after a few hours chucking soft plastics about with nothing showing, the other boat wangled out a good mid 20 on a pink and white fly. We all spent the afternoon chucking the flies about only to catch or raise small fish. It’s a smashing water and I‘ll get back there soon for sure, the Sharpes of Aberdeen predator fly rod again was a joy to use.
East winds have been dominating our weather again, this has become the norm for the last few years at this time of year making the fishing hard and slow, with small pockets of activity from the bigger girls.

Well If you throw enough darts lol success will surely happen and I caught the fish on the munch and wangled out a 27.05 and two doubles on Valentines day from a big Lough system. The next day a 9 and a 14 too, but the short feeding window was obviously over.

On the 25th the rivers were on the way down with the lack of rain the east winds bring, and I knew that being the first on certain swims after know one has got near to them from the floods would be a good thing, add to that a dropping river is always a good time to try. I sorted out my work to do on the weekend leaving the week free to fish, and it started well.

The first day I landed a 21.05 at dusk on a herring, and the second day in another area I landed a double 3 x micros and a 26.12 which was a new PB for this particular river for me. The fish was a huge big framed fish and I really thought I’d just landed a 30, checked the scales after and they are bang on 26.12 she was. Probably she would go 30+ at some point, or maybe she is an old girl and dropping back? She made me smile for sure.

The next day I was to meet up with Nathan Edgell from Dorset, Nath was over doing a slideshow up the north and we arranged a day on the bank together just for a meet up more than anything. Nath managed to wangle out 4 pike to lures, I kept to the baits and had to dropped runs lol. Lures being the best option, I left the luring to Nath being a guest an all.

Over the weekend I caught up with work again, and now the week days were mine yet again for some fishing, I decided on another river assault as the east winds were still with us, 5 swims in 5 days fishing was the plan, some of these swims I’ve not fished for over 10 years, so will be interesting to see what shows up……..

Al Rawlings


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