Predator Blog Part Three

Wed 12 December 12


Day 1

Neville was already at the slipway when I approached with the boat at a very early hour, we was soon loaded up and launched, and off we went to find some obliging pike. We saw another boat in an area we would of liked to of fished, it was Paddy an angler I knew and I soon got a hello text. A few drifts were fished with towed dead’s and cast lures forward with the drogue to slow the drift down, but nothing was stirred into action. We decided to move to another known area, and by the time we got there the wind had increased signalling to me that a moon trigger had released some energy and the pike now could be in a opportunist taking mood. It didn’t take long either as I hooked into a 14 pound fish, and then a smaller one, Neville mean while could not buy a take! Then the phone rang , Paddy was excitingly saying he just had a 25, and 2 × 18’s and lost another good one. We did another anticipated drift, but nothing showed for us, then the phone rang again, “just had a 23 can you come and take a pic for me” congratulations, we’re coming over I said, as I took that as an invite.

Next we were anchored in the hot area which was not hot anymore typical, I think we had a jack each for the rest of the afternoon lol, unfortunately we was not on them when they were having it and paddy was. We decided to troll back to the slipway to see if anything would happen, I had a low double and a jack on a float trolled roach, but more importantly last time on the venue I noted a slight rise of depth from 50ft to 25ft in this area well out from the shore and decided to take a better look on the way back. Well, as the boat drifted over the area and the sounder was displaying a pleasing 17ft with weed a big smile appeared on my face, I’ve only found a weedy reef surrounded by 50ft on all sides I was impressed with my new find, Neville was not that interested saying he’s never done that good on these type’s of reefs! I was gob smacked, to me this was pike central, as I pushed the GPS position marker.

Day 2

If I was fishing by myself I would have been parked on this new found reef all day long, Neville wanted to fish Paddy’s hotspot area, so that’s what we did. I think I had a 10 and a jack and that was it for the best part of 4 hours work, I suggested we have a go on the new found reef, so off we went.
On the way over we passed a boat with an angler playing a good fish, we hung around to be nosey as you do. We offered to help and took a few shots of a large fish weighing around the 30 mark, we were impressed with what we saw and off we went to the new reef mark. We anchored up and Neville was into a fish on the first cast with a lure before I set the drifter float going, “that was quick” Nev said, looked like a 14 as it was unhooked at the side of the boat. I cast out a bulldawg and bang I was into a hard fighting double too, then the drifter went under and I was playing another good pike which turned out to be my 429th 20Ib+ pike equalling Neville’s tally of 20’s, she weighed 20.03 just in lol.

Another two doubles each on the lures followed, then Nev was into a heavier pike on a lure, which turned out to be his 430th 20 at 22.10, he laughed and said I’m in the lead again, I laughed at that, saying but not for long lol……

A few more doubles and then the action ceased as the feeding window closed, or we ran out of pike. We packed up and headed back to the slipway happy with our catch, a day off tomorrow to sort things, then it’s a venue change and another two days after these wild big water pike.

Al Rawlings


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