Predator Blog Part Two

Sat 01 December 12


The weather and conditions forecasted were looking good for the Pike to have a good feed up, atmospheric pressure was at 1002mb on the Friday and this would be rising to 1023mb by Saturday evening, so they said. Couple this with the new moon phase that gives more potential feeding triggers during the days fishing, and the cooler morning temperatures it was all looking to me like a feed up time.

Checking the pressure

We, Steve and I got out early on the Saturday, and was soon positioned for a long drift with the drogue, fishing baits and casting lures over known productive ground. After a few drifts nothing was stirring, so we changed our fishing area just for something new to do, this didn’t make a blind bit of difference as when they are off they are off. Another fishing friend joined us on the Lough later in his own boat and after having a boat side chat about the water and the general state of the Pike fishing we went our separate ways to do our fishing.

It was a slow day, the predicted rise of air pressure was not really happening, and I was relying on this to raise the feeding scale,. After many drifts and chucking lures about it just was obvious it was not happening. Eventually Steve lost a good heavy fish on a drifted bait that fell off after a few seconds, and then the phone rang it was my friend in the other boat saying he just lost a 30+‘er at the net! Clearly we were now in a feeding window period, and both fish that showed were big fish, no wonder it was a slow day it was a big fish day! The feeding window didn’t stay open long as the feeding scale was still low, and that was it for day. The pressure had rose a mere 2mb over the whole day.

Should I stay, or should I go

I made the decision to go to another venue, I was going to go straight there but the early rise of 4.30am was taking it’s toll on me, I needed some quality sleep real bad, so took the decision to drop in at home. By chance the courier had delivered the anticipated new quality Jack Pyke clothing, now an added bonus I could wear this on my fishing session. The next morning refreshed and wearing my new smart fishing clothes, I took my time getting the boat and tackle sorted, and had a steady 2 hour drive to my awaiting water.
The predicted rise of air pressure was finally on the move up, and I was full of confidence that this would raise the feeding scale, I slipped the boat at around midday and headed off to the big weed bed swim which was about a 2 mile boat ride. The wind was blowing a force 4, so it would be an anchor up job, drifting baits with vane floats and casting lures would be the order of the day here.

Rig diagram

Nothing happened for the first hour odd, then just like a light switch had been flicked the Pike came on the feed as the wind strengthened it’s gust’s, first a take on a big slider lure a good fish that exploded up into the air and missed it! Another cast and bang, I was into a hard fighting Pike of about 13 pounds, I’d just got her into the net when the vane went under, and I was into another good strong fish, heavy and battling through the weed beds a much larger Pike appeared at the side of the boat and I guided her quickly into the same net!

I just love these moon triggers that open up feeding windows, two Pike on at once is quite possible on such occasions, I left the pike in the net for a good rest before unhooking them in the net and resting them further before photos and weighing. If the Pike looks around 20+ I’ll weigh them obviously, anything smaller I’ll just guess the weight, I don’t see the point of putting a pike through the whole weighing ordeal if it’s under the magic 20 mark.

Catch shot, another stunning pike for Al

The larger Pike weighed in at 22Ib.12oz, I was thrilled and excited to be on the water when it’s on, especially this particular water which could throw up a real lump. Out went the vane float again on it’s fruitful journey towards the big weed bed, and I started casting the slider again, I didn’t have to wait long for more action, I won’t bore you with all the details lol, this is what followed –– 18, 15, 20Ib.04oz, 18, 16, 13 and then I either ran out of Pike or the feeding window had closed up? Another hour went by with nothing, so delighted with what I had caught I retired back at the camper van for a celebration beer.

Lure image

The new Jack pyke clothing was really great to wear, I was impressed and it preformed very well too, the fleece jacket stopping the force 4 wind completely, and I love the field boots from the second I wore them I felt at home with them, also loved the neck gaiter, this is a great asset for us pike anglers, stopping those nasty neck drafts. all in all top quality gear. I must try the jacket and trousers soon, Check out their quality clothing site here at they have stockest’s all over the UK and Ireland.

Al Rawlings


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