Back on the Trent

Wed 09 December 15


It had been a while since I had been on the Trent as it is a bit of a distance from where from where I now live in Yorkshire.

Due to a work meeting coming up in Nottingham I knew I could do a night either side of the meeting meaning I could have another go for some barbel. It was also a great opportunity to catch up with Jules who has been on top form recently catching barbel from all over the place, including the Trent.
Jules had recommended a certain area of the river to target and it seemed like a great place to get the rods out and also have a bit of a social.

I came armed with some new bait from Hinders to see if I could keep up with Jules tally. With a fast set up, rods high in the air and an extra buzz bar to hold the rod butts in place just in case of a savage take I was ready for action.

Hinders have a number of fantastic baits specifically designed for the barbel angler. There is the Blitz, Elipse and Bombz which all come in a complete range of pellets, groundbaits, glugs etc. On top of this they have now bought out dumbbell boilies in the Elipse and Bombz range. An absolute winner in my opinion for fishing on the river and keeping your bait out for extended periods of time. Not only do they look amazing you can also glug them and boost them even further!!!

My favourite combination has to be the that of the Bombz range with the addition of the Elips Pellets in mixed sizes being introduced to the swim. The groundbait loaded in a hefty Fisks Fantastic Feeder with additional Elips Pellets really does provide a brilliant scent trail, as well as depositing the free offerings around the glugged Bombz dumbbell boilie.

I still use a fairly heavy set up for fishing the tidal Trent, this is due to the strong water flow, needing to cast a weight of 4 – 8oz and the savage takes you get from the incredible fitting fit barbel if you are lucky.

I gave the Sonik Gravity X rods a bash coupled with the Tourno 8000s, this was loaded with 15lb Kinetic Gardner Braid. The other terminal tackle was from the Gardner Covert range, including, lead clip, swivels, anti-tangle sleeves and small size 10 Talon Tip Hooks. The 4-5ft link material was Mirage Fluorocarbon in either 12lb or 16lb. I wanted to play around to see if it made any difference to bites on the thickness of the fluorocarbon.

Although the Tidal Trent is a cracking place to go fishing as with many of our rivers it is a real shame to see so much litter left by ‘so call anglers’. Within a 20 meter stretch I managed to pick up half a bin liner full, which only took 5 minutes, it is a real shame that the anglers who also left their day tickets did not have as much respect for their surroundings. I won’t rant on as the session turn out to be fairly fruitful.


With lines finally out it was not long before I was into my first barbel of the session and my first for some time and on the new bait!!! Confidence was high. A nice plump 10.6lb fish and photographer Jules on hand to get a decent photo.
What a way to start the session. I managed another couple of fish that night before heading off to my meeting these were 9.14lb and 11.6lb.

I was over the moon. Jules stayed on for another night and had over 10 barbel to 10.11lb keeping up his previous form.
What a way to get back in to a bit of barbel fishing and also great to share with a mate on the bank.
I made a return trip and managed to catch a number of other barbel to mid 10lb proving to me the baits and methods were definitely working. I do love to feel confident in what I am doing.

I am due to return to the river in mid-December and am really keen to get a fish over 12lb…… Only time will tell.

All the best



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