Bream & Tench

Fri 07 November 14


I have recently moved to a new county, having no knowledge of the waters that surrounded me. A massive new challenge and an exciting one at that! I have spent a good few weeks putting a plan in place for my summer/autumn attack. First on my list are the Tench and Bream. I have managed to locate a large pit which is known to hold Bream to 18lb and has produced Tench to around 13lb!!!! Not a bad place to start…..sadly it is not an easy water so I think bites might be scarce, but very rewarding.

My first few visits were done armed with just a set of polarised sunglasses and a marker rod. I moved round the lake speaking to as many anglers as possible. The carp anglers were great at providing me with information about where they had been plagued by giant bream and Tench in the past. I set to and explored these swims with my marker.
I have managed to find two good areas which have some good features. One has a long gravel bar at approximately 30 yards with thin silt behind and in front of it. The bar raises up from 13 foot at the back to 11.5 feet and the back down to 13 foot. Whilst initially scouting out the lake I did manage to see very large bream and Tench rolling over this area. A very encouraging sign especially as the water is so large and I thought finding the fish would be extremely tough.

The other area is a similar distance out but this time slightly shallower only 9 foot coming up to 6 foot on a dinner table sized gravel patch not far from some pretty thick week.
I have done approximately 6 nights on the lake and it is certainly keeping me on my toes. The fish are very nomadic and do not hold up in certain areas. I have had sessions where I have had the fish rolling over my baits but not a sniff.

So far I have had five bites resulting in 3 fish. A 6.1lb male Tench and two Bream at 10.7lb and 12.8lb. I must be doing something right as I am catching the right species. I intend to see the venue through to the end of July with some session’s river carping chucked in for good measure.

My attack on the new lake has been heavy on the bait so far. My theory is if there is a shoal of big bream and Tench passing through then you need the quantities of bait there to hold them long enough to be able to pick one or two fish off before they move on again.
I have been putting in 5kg of Hinders Salt and Pepper Hemp, 4kg of pellet including Hinders Little Gemz. To the pellet I have been adding Hinders Hemp Oil to provide some extra attraction.

I have also put out a couple of pints of dead maggots and plenty of sweetcorn and Hinders Maize.
Baits have all been tipped with maggots for extra attraction. There does not seem to be much in the way of nuisance fish in the lake and the maggots have been coming back fine apart from those in the mouths of my three current captures. The winning hook bait to date has been the CC Moores Silent Assassins in fluro yellow. They smell incredible!

The bites have not been at regular intervals and seem to come out of nowhere without any prior warning to the fish being in the swim.

I am going to be putting a lot more work in to getting my head round this incredible water and hope something around my target graces my net. I have a PB Tench of 9.14lb to beat and a Bream of 15.12lb!!! Good luck me!

All the best

Andy Loble


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