Grafham perch

Fri 21 November 14


Grafham Brace

Finally Grafham treated me well, after 2 blank sessions I finally got what I was after.

Braving strong winds and crazy water whilst out with Gordy Howes of Waterland Predator Guiding Services I finally bagged 6 perch to 4.4lb which is a matching PB to a commercial carp water caught perch.

After what was a slow day on the water really exploring and using methods including drifting with dead baits, drifting whilst casting lures for pike, stopping over features and jigging etc. we decided to head to the Tower for the final couple of hours to see if it would be kinder than it had been in the morning.

Things couldn’t have been any more different. Within a couple of casts I was into my first fish which put up an incredible fight. As it broke the surface of the water my jaw hit the bottom of the boat. It was clearly a decent 3lb fish. Little did I know this was going to be followed by a number of similar fish and one that had me properly celebrating.

The weights of the fish where 2.11lb, 3.2lb, 3.5lb, 3.6lb, 3.10lb and 4.4lb, my best perch fishing session by a long shot.

From left to right 3lbs and  4lbs 4ozs

The bites were epic on the Sonik SK4 8ft Travel Spinning rod and all were nailed using Fox Rage Shads on drop shot tactics. I was almost flat-rodded at one point.

The 8ft version that I was using is more than capable of chucking large lures such as Fox Replicants with strong 25-30lb but equally sensitive when using 10lb braid to a 10gram weight drop shotting. The fights with either a 15lb pike or 4lb perch on this rod are equally great fun.

In my opinion the Sonik SK4 is an absolutely ideal ‘take anywhere’ rod breaking down into four 2ft sections and stored in a hard case. With 6 rods in the series there is something for every occasion.


They are the new and upgraded SK4XTR Spin Rods which are the next step up in serious spinning rods. They are finished with a stylish matt black finish reduces any flash, and a 1K carbon weave on the butt section which adds durability as well as looking the part. The top handle is shaped for comfort, while the lower handle is shaped for excellent grip resulting in more power being transferred from the angler to rod while casting. The rods are finished with an engraved winding check, matching whippings and the new ‘click-safe’ down-locking reel fitting. I love the noise as you wind the handle to lock the reel.

I cannot wait to get back to the secret Cambridgshire Reservoir!!In the mean time I will be having a go on another commercial carp water targeting 4lb and 5lb perch, so watch this space.

All the best




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