Movember with a nice blend of tweed!

Fri 15 November 13


There is now an ongoing tradition to celebrate a good friend of mines birthday with a spot of fishing. Last year we celebrated Graham Mabey of on the Broadlands stretch of the Test after some grayling. A very memorable day with much merriment and some great stories that will be rehashed down the pub for years to come.

This year saw a larger group coming together on the banks of Weirwood Reservoir in search of some very large pike. The day had a twist of ‘old school fishing’, so we would be sporting the apparel of the likes of Chris Yates and Dick Walker.
With split cane and glass rods, wicker creels, hip flasks, and an interesting array of reels and tackle we set out as a motley crew to see if we could fool a croc or two!

The day was exceptionally slow but this didn’t reduce our fuelled excitement that we might get a bite next cast. With a small misunderstanding with some bird lovers the day ran pretty smoothly. I think we managed to clear the whole of the nature reserve of its entire bird population in the space of five minutes and for this we are truly sorry!!!
It wasn’t until last knockings that anyone saw any real action. I say anyone; it was in fact Griff aka ‘Fish Finger’.
Now Fish Finger had turned up to the event with little more than what he was wearing.

With a very kind selection of friends he soon had traces, rods, floats, weights, dead baits and everything he could possibly need. So when everyone heard via the text and photo that he had caught the only fish of the day there was plenty of laughter heard across the lake. It was a fantastic fish and the only fish to grace a net that day between the eight of us and fine fish of just over 20lb.

Very deserved and caught without the aid of a fish finder!!!!
I was determined to get a fish still with tash and in the tweed that had been purchased for the day. I headed out with Gordy Howe’s to a spot we have been trying out recently with a small amount of success.

We have been trying the area for pike and perch with a huge amount of success with perch to just under 2lb on very light rubber lures and drop shotting.

We were also putting out roving rods with dead baits for the larger predators. I was still using my epic 13ft glass rod combined with a wooden reel and braid mainline down to one of Ian Lewis’ Hand Made Floats

Ian very kindly sent me a few floats to try out and I am once again very impressed with the quality and finish.

With over 30 perch being caught and one lost pike to Gordy which looked to be a good upper double I finally connected with a reasonable fish. After a very tough battle I managed to slide the net under a mid 14lb pike.

An incredible couple of days fishing with some great friends. It doesn’t always matter about the size of the fish, sometimes you will still have some great memories and stories to tell.
I wish you all a very Happy Christmas and look forward to show you a few highlights of 2013 and hopefully some great captures and trips in 2014.

Andy Loble



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