Searching for gold


Having moved to the Cambridge area in June I realised I was on the doorstep of an anglers playground. I was however, having real issues with knowing where to begin.
I might have started a bit later than most, but I couldn’t ignore the images of some stunning Rudd appearing online. I kept my ear to the ground and eventually located an area to begin a two week attack to land myself a 2lb Fenland Rudd.
My hunt became a little bit more sociable with Ben Hervey-Murray joining me on the quest. We both went armed with light 12ft float rods 4lb mainline, lighter hook link material, crystal wagglers and some size 10 and 12 hooks. Bait consisted of a large amount of white sliced loaf!!
Our research had paid off and on our first visit to the area we could clearly see large Rudd taking fallen flies off the surface.

Using a basic float set up with a 3ft gap between the float and hook we began presenting floating flake to the rising fish. It wasn’t long before we had both managed a number of fish to mid 1lb.
We did a couple more short sessions each time getting amongst the 1lb bars of gold but not hitting the jackpot! We knew we were going to have to tweak things to single out some of the larger residents.
I had a think about how to improve the feeding of the larger Rudd and how to present the bait with a little more finesse. I started to think about floater fishing for carp. I would never consider having my line coming from under the water up to the bait so why should this be any different! I had a look for the lightest controller floats I could find but found nothing suitable! I did however eye up the Drennan Glow Tip Carp Wagglers which where weighted at 1.5g. I decided with a small amount of glue, a small drill bit and a mini swivel I could be in business.
The end result was perfect. Held in place with a couple of float stops the float cast beautifully with some lighter 3lb mainline, still using the 15ft rod and a fixed spool reel. The 15ft rod was especially useful for keeping the line off the pads and other marginal plants.

I was now able to present the bait perfectly on the surface and also maintain a spot on line lay from rod tip to float! With a touch of line floatant added stopping the line sinking I was pretty sure the 2lb fish would be much happier to accept my bait!!!

Both Ben and I reduced the amount of free offerings out to make sure we didn’t feed the fish off. We also started using a small amount of blended white loaf with the added flavouring of Hinders Supreme Cream glug to it. I thought the sweet flavour would help with drawing in the larger fish.

So did it work? Hell yeah it did! Caught a few more fish to 1.14lb and then finally hooked into the bar of gold I had been searching for in the shape of this 2.1lb beauty. I was chuffed to bits with our little adventure, adapted presentation and pleased I can tick off a Fenland 2lber. Maybe next year I will get my act together earlier and go in search of a 3lb monster.

Tight Lines

Andy Loble


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