tench not following the rule book

Wed 07 May 14


Tench fishing is normally associated with using a slightly more delicate approach with baits like maggots, caster and sweet corn right? Well, I had an interesting session tenching where the usual method feeders and maggot feeders were getting little or no attention what so ever.

On the first night after getting into the swim in total darkness I decided to just chuck two solid bags out randomly. These consisted of Hinders Mini Combo Pellets and one of Tom Oliver’s own fluro yellow ‘Acid Pear Pop-ups’ soaked in Hinders Betalin and Black with Chilli Hemp Oil added for maximum attraction. Both on short hook links using size 10 Gardner Talon Tip hooks and Gardner 2oz Flat Pear Inline Leads. I fished these on a drop off set up as I was fishing into weed and wanted the fish to come up in the water as quickly as possible.

My third rod was positioned close to the near margin on a gravel area next to a thick reed bed. Set up, lead clip, 2oz lead, size 10 Gardner Talon Tip and bait comprised of Hinders Snailz boilie and one of Tom Oliver’s ‘Maple and Banana Pop-ups’ over a bed of Hinders Mini Combo Pelletz.

During the night I had 3 fish, one to each of the different rods and proof that the baits and rigs were all working. The fish were a good stamp 6.10lb, 7.12lb and 7.6lb.

The following day I was up at the crack of dawn to find some clear areas and put a bit of bait in and get the tench really grubbing around and feeding. I had a mix of Hinders pelletz, hemp and particle mixed with Willy Worms maggots (dead and live) as well as Hinders Fish Pro concentrate and Chilli Hemp Oil.

I fished grub feeders with fake maggot and live maggot combos and method feeders with fake corn and live maggots. I managed one bite throughout the day, I could not understand what was happening. I thought back to the previous night and decided to have a go at pub chucking PVA bags again.

Within in a matter of minutes I was into another reasonable tench. Who would have thought randomly casting solid bags would be the key to catching or not!!! I went on to land a number of other tench all between 6lb and 7.12lb.
The fish all fought hard to the net and I will return next year to have another go for them. I will also be having a go at beating my tench PB which still stands at 9.14lb!
A strange session that proved the most conventional methods don’t always work.

Andy Loble


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