Walthamstow bream session

Sun 26 July 15


I was invited down to Walthamstow for a social session with a few people very recently by Will Barnard the fishery manager at Thames Waters Walthamstow Reservoirs.

My mission was to catch as many double figure bream as I could in the 24 hours I had available to me before I set off for a few days fishing in France.

I was fishing Pit 1 which is a good size bit of water. Having previously fished the water I knew that extreme bream fishing tactics would be required. For this I came armed with 3lb tc carp rods, 15lb line and 3oz distance leads. I was having to chuck my baits a good 90 yards with some strong cross winds. It sounds a bit beefy but you really do need it to hit your marks, deal with the cross winds and cope with the odd nuisance carp that are sure to show up.

I set up in the pouring rain determined to get sheltered and allow me to tie rigs up in under the cover of the bivvy. I am not the most organised of anglers so regularly make up rigs on arrival to a venue.

I intended on using a slight variation of a rig a friend of mine and fantastic all round angler Dan Gale had recently shown. Dan uses it successfully with fluorocarbon for his tench fishing. I decided to use some of the Gardner target range coated braid which I knew would be a great deal stronger if I did hook into any powerful carp over the fluro carbon. Hooks, anything around the size 8