Angling Blog 11th January 2015

Sun 11 January 15


What a week! It’s been a bit of a whirlwind in truth, but an awful lot of things all fell into place all at once…

You may recall that I recently left my position as social media administrator for a bait company, and it left me in a bit of a quandary with what to do next. I’d already accepted an offer to join Vardis Tackle, an established company making great strides in the specimen terminal tackle market which was a fantastic (and much appreciated!) opportunity to help promote quality products, but I still felt I might like to do more. A few messages were passed between contacts, which resulted in an exchange with Kev Knight at one of the biggest and best bait companies, Mainline Baits, which thankfully developed into a chance to assist with their exposure (as if it’s needed!) via my usual media outlets. Then, to make a great week even better, I was invited to the UK headquarters of Sonik Sports to see if I had anything to offer! The meeting was a success, and I’ve been allowed to use and endorse Sonik products too! Wow! 2015 promises to be an awesome year for me, and one I’m very much looking forward too! Unfortunately, it means that you will have to put up with plenty of my blatant product plugs from three of the UK’s best companies…and it starts now!

I have to admit, that part of the reason I enjoy what I do is that I often get a sneak preview of forthcoming products. At Sonik, I was invited to consider the brand new Gravity-X range of carp rods which will, I’m sure, take the carp market by storm and provide viable competition within the rod sector. You may have already seen the advertisements featuring a futuristic panther under the banner ‘The new King of the jungle’? Take it seriously; these rods are ringed to achieve casting distances which may well be untouchable by other products, have an awesome amount of power throughout, look fantastic and have a super slim blank which oozes quality. An awful lot of work has gone into providing new technology and processes which make these Nanoalloy ( I told you it was new!) blanks something special. Lightweight titanium rings and plenty of other great features mean these are certainly a rod to look out for!

I’ve had the chance to look at Vardis products for a few weeks now, and I have to admit to being pleasantly surprised with everything I’ve used so far. I realise that there are dozens of different terminal ranges to choose from, but Vardis offer a ‘wrap around’ catalogue of products which complement each other perfectly, and will work with many other manufacturers products without having to buy something specific to make it work properly. I think such flexibility is important when anglers are keeping a watchful eye on their hard earned cash, and the Vardis range definitely helps keep costs down. I’m also a huge fan of the pre-tied end rigs and leader set ups which greatly benefit those anglers who may be relatively new to carp fishing and want complete confidence in their rigs whilst they learn to tie their own, or those who may suffer from arthritis or similar and want the convenience of using quality products without any hassle. I still haven’t used everything in the catalogue yet, there just seems to be so much to choose from, but it’s all excellent!

I’ve just taken my first delivery of Mainline baits. I chose to go with the faithful Cell at first, my writings for various national magazines have often featured Cell in other anglers captures, and I know just how much of this super successful bait gets sold, so why not start with a winner? I’ve also selected a number of pop ups, wafters, dumbbell hookbaits, stick mixes and additives to play with, so I’m really looking forward to hitting the bank again next week. At the moment, my bait room is packed with pink, orange, yellow and other colours dotted about the shelves in variously sized pots of carp targets, and I have to admit I’m akin to a child in a sweet shop, but I just can’t wait to get started! The range of products at Mainline is simply massive, and it will take me ages to find which my favourites are, but there is something for all situations, and something for every angler!

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