Angling Blog 13th February 2015

Fri 13 February 15


It’s been one of those weeks where I seem to have got loads done, but done very little fishing! I was on the bank, but spent more time behind the camera than actually doing any angling.

I’ve had a lot of product reviews to get through this week, and so I’ve been setting up a number of shots to effectively illustrate some new items from the Drennan stable, and adding to the extensive library of images for one of my sponsors Vardis Tackle. As none of my current supporters ‘do’ lure tackle, I’m free to assist colleagues when it comes to checking out new predator products, and the recent releases from Drennan definitely warrant further investigation! (Read more about individual products on the main UKMA site)
Many of the mainstream manufacturers offer similar products, but we noted quite a few subtle differences which really made the products stand out, including super supple wire coated with nylon which ensured superb flexibility whilst protecting both fish and angler, incredibly sharp hooks, and some innovative lure designs which shall surely tickle some toothy tastebuds! You will have to read more over the coming weeks to find out more, but I promise you, Drennan have got it right with the E-SOX range!

I’ve also been trying to come up with something a bit different from the usual type of product shot, so chose to shoot some images for Vardis Tackle underwater! Everyone has seen the standard type of photograph, so I made the effort to rig some shots in the margins of a local crystal clear gravel pit to try and show the angler what the product really looks like, where it really counts; below the surface!

I use the Vardis Tackle range almost exclusively; as a newcomer to the team, admittedly I’m still finding out about the whole range of specimen terminal tackle, and the only issue I’ve had so far is that there is just so much! If you don’t believe me, take a look at and I bet you’ll still be looking an hour later; it’s packed with goodies! Although I’m a big fan of the comprehensive range of super sticky hooks which offer a solution for any situation, I’ve been taking a more in depth look at a number of hooklink materials on offer. I think that the advent of coated braids opened a whole new range of rig options for the carp and specimen angler, and Vardis have it all in the bag with products such as Downfall and Skinline, which allow the angler to strip back the braid easily and tie a whole range of rigs with ease. I also like the braid range and use the fluorocarbon throughout winter or when fishing in clear water; it’s awesome stuff, and there is so much more to explore! I’ll keep you updated as I incorporate more stuff into my terminal rigs…

I also had chance to look around the public park venue whilst shooting, and had a number of very pleasant discussions with people who walked by. Although I had rods in the water, bitter conditions made a catch unlikely in the few short hours I was there (that’s my excuse anyway!) so I took the opportunity to engage other park users and chat about angling as they showed an interest in what I was doing. I’m aware that there has been conflict at this particular venue, especially with dog owners, so it was nice to chat with locals to see what their impressions were. Most were of the opinion that anglers were a surly bunch, content to mutter grumpily in answer to a cheery greeting and not at all keen to converse with passersby. So I made an effort; I explained what I was hoping to catch, discussed the wildlife and birdlife I’d seen that morning, showed them the products I was using, and generally tried to encourage an exchange to generate some interest in angling rather than have the general non-fishing public dismiss us anglers as a bunch of miserable loonies! Is it important? I think it’s vital to engage other people to try and encourage lapsed anglers or newcomers to wet a line so that we can all help to sustain a sport/pastime crying out for new blood, so try it; take a mate fishing and see what happens… you may be pleasantly surprised!


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