Angling Blog 18th January 2015

Sun 18 January 15


I had a chat with my carp fishing neighbour John yesterday, who informed me that he was putting the rods away until April at the earliest due to the wintery weather. In previous years, John has done upwards of thirty nights on frosted lakes in search of carp, but told me yesterday that he was fed up of keeping the bait going in for others to reap the rewards when it warms up, and despairs of defrosting water jugs and milk first thing in the morning to make a cup of tea! A fair point, as I know many anglers put the rods away until warmer times (the forum bitching sessions are ample evidence of that!) but personally, I sort of enjoy winter fishing…

I say ‘sort of’, as I’m certainly no fan of not being able to feel my fingers, or having freezing, wet feet after a long traipse across the frozen crust of the morning field, only to break through at the riverside and plunge ankle deep into the wettest cow muck you can find, or the persistently bitterly cold rain which seems to be more prevalent these days… However, I do enjoy the fact that I can vary my fishing and try different things, especially on the rivers, and there may not be many anglers to disturb my solitude….

Many stillwaters obviously freeze over at this time of year, and I hate that; but it does mean that I’m often forced to find a stretch of river which may hold some fish which is never a bad thing. This time of year is simply perfect for trotting a small stick float through steady glides, waiting for a plump grayling or roach to snap up a white maggot, or better still, a link legered piece of flake or crust dropped into likely holes where chub lurk. If you haven’t tried it, you are missing out!

Perch are high on many anglers agenda at the moment; the success of the apparently ‘new’ drop shot method seems to be taking the angling world by storm, and with a bare minimum of kit, hardy souls are finding pockets of perch in rarely fished canals and other waterways which would be otherwise neglected for most of the year. Pike are also a favourite. Many carp anglers change tactics and fish for toothy predators which can often give an adrenaline rush of explosive action on a variety of methods. There are also still some who choose to fish through the worst of the weather in a continuing search for carp, and those who are successful make me very jealous! I have no ‘snow carp’ images in my portfolio, I’d love to add one, but just can’t face the prospect of hours of waiting in freezing conditions for what may be a single bite; I tried it last week, and missed the only run of the session as I was updating a facebook message!

My point this week is that although it’s cold, why not get out and try something you may not usually do. A single bright pop up may be enough for a winter carp, a wander down the river may reveal untold shoals of chub, and a slow bimble up the canal may bring hordes of obliging perch to your net. All of them are great fun, and the winter landscape is definitely to be enjoyed; wrap up warm and go fishing… no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing and lazy anglers, so get out there!


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