Angling Blog 23rd January 2015

Fri 23 January 15


A week of crushing disappointment, swiftly followed by a bit of a celebration really….

I set my stall out to go pike fishing this week, so all the necessary preparations were made, flask filled, deadbaits thawed and tackle packed. First thing in the morning, I was off to a nearby lake (the snow made travelling any further a little too risky) which I knew to be ice free and fishing reasonably well. I arrived at 0730, ready to set up for first light, and to my chagrin, I found the gates securely locked! There was no sign to indicate an issue, so I thought I’d wait patiently for a few minutes… After half an hour, and several unanswered calls to the bailiffs phone, I sat fuming in my van before weighing up my options.

I’d now been waiting an hour, so was well into ‘rush hour’ and further travel to a likely venue would take almost as long, before setting up added even more wasted minutes, so, in a huff, I went home to sulk! I only get to fish once per week, so I was extremely disappointed that the gates were not open, and showed no signs of it either; fishery owners need customers, and it could be extremely damaging to trade if unreliability becomes a talked about feature of that particular venue, so at least put a sign on the gate! I know that the fishery eventually opened the gates at around 1030… but what’s the point if a full days fishing is planned? Grrr….

On a much more positive note, I’ve been approached by a prominent game developer to provide content and images for the accompanying website. After a few days of discussion, I’m happy to say that I’ve agreed to join the team at Dovetail Games who produce the outstanding fishing simulator Dovetail Games Fishing. Currently, the game is in early access stages with two phases released (a third is imminent!) but which faithfully follows the carp fishing experience, so for gamers, it’s a must have for those days when you can’t hit the bank (like me, this week!)

There are some big hitters involved in this sim, the likes of Korda and others have had huge input into making it the best fishing game available, with realistic scenarios and situations requiring the player to put some thought into how to tackle a number of different waters. Eventually, the game will expand to include other species and other disciplines, encompass real waters, complete with underwater features to find, both from the UK and Europe, so you really can fish that big carp water in France… without leaving home! Sparsholt College stalwart Simon Scott has been involved to ensure lifelike species behaviour and to provide details of expected seasonal variations and much more, as Dovetail Games Fishing seeks to be the ultimate game for the fisherman who enjoys online angling. It’s also an ideal way for the prospective angler to find out a little more about fishing before going to the expense of buying real tackle too, so hopefully it may even encourage a few newcomers to our sport, and the information offered by a number of other contributors may even allow seasoned anglers to pick up a few tips too!


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