Angling Blog 24th December 2015

Thu 24 December 15


I needed a break from the commercial furore that is Christmas (Bah Humbug!) this week, so took a trip to the beautiful River Dove in Staffordshire to try and pick off a grayling or two from one of my favourite swims.

I got up late, arrived late, and set up late, so an inauspicious start to the session, but wow, what a morning! Clear blue skies and glorious sunshine awaited, a touch of colour in the water, and fish rising just below my chosen spot; what more could you ask for on a winter morn? I had intended to trot a float along the now swirling current, but after a few runs, it quickly became apparent that I would perhaps need a treestump, weighed down with a bucket of concrete, to get anywhere near the main flow, so I switched to the trusty Sonik SK3 twin tip, pushed in a 3oz tip, and tackled up with the intention of targeting the near bank margin, where a large slack had formed as the river pushed through.

Nothing complicated about my rig, a Kamasan Black maggot feeder, wrapped in insulation tape to slow the flow of maggots, and a size 14 hook baited with three white maggots. Between the hook and the feeder, a tiny swivel to negate line twist, and I was ready to pitch in