Angling Blog 27th March 2015

Fri 27 March 15


A couple of sessions for me this week; the first on a park lake I’ve had success on previously, but despite my best efforts, failed miserably to achieve much, and the second reviewing some products for a website.

This particular park lake is stacked with bream and tench, and I was hoping for some early season success when I arose bright and early at 4am. I was somewhat horrified therefore, to find a crisp, crunchy frost had lowered the overnight temperatures considerably! On arrival, I found my favourite peg to be free, so set up three rods hoping to cover all bases; a quivertip rod with a light feeder arrangement, and a pair of Sonik Sports Twin Tips which I knew would be well able to handle bigger carp or hard fighting tench. All were clipped up to ensure accuracy, and cast to predetermined spots over a bed of bait… and I sat back to wait!

After almost ten hours, sitting in sleet and snow showers, I’d only a single dropped run (bream) and a solitary 5oz roach to show for my extensive efforts, so it was time to go home… I’d fished well, I’d fished with precision, but I’d caught next to nothing, but then neither had anyone else which is always some consolation. I’ll be back soon, I’m just waiting for the weather to decide what it will throw out next!

I’ve also been out on the banks reviewing some soft lures, and had headed to a water I knew held a good number of smaller pike with the odd lump thrown in. The water is fairly shallow, and usually gin clear, but this time held just a hint of colour which meant that bright lures would probably prove most effective. The particular range are well made, and offer a huge variety of colours and patterns to tempt the lure angler (and the fish!) and I’m currently a big fan of the Split-Tail style lure, especially if it comes in Chartreuse or other highly visible hue.

I selected a white bodied, red tailed lure and carefully lobbed it alongside the reeds and proceeded to let it sink before commencing a steady retrieve. I’m not sure that the lure had quite hit the lake bed when it was viciously attacked by a jack pike which gave me a good scrap on light gear. Safely unhooked and returned, the fish was noted to be in fine condition and beautifully coloured. I also noted a stinging, blooded finger where I’d inadvertently let my fingers get a little too close! It’s always the small ones that get me! Two hours of steady casting with a number of different lures bought a string of small pike to the bank, none bigger than about 5lb, but tremendous sport on light tackle, and I’d got the images I needed to complete the review, so I retired happily.

My meeting last week with a major retailer has come up trumps, and I’ve verbally agreed a deal to help promote a new angling superstore, part of a chain, for at least the next six months. To say I’m happy is a bit of an understatement, and I can’t wait to complete the details and get stuck in… watch this space! It really will be an exciting place for anglers to buy new tackle and hang out with like minded anglers and staff. I have plans to enlist the help of some big names who I’ve already sounded out, and work with a charity to promote angling to youngsters, so if you want to know how the professionals tie their rigs and catch their fish, or just get junior involved, then I’m hoping to tell you where to go next week!

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