Angling Blog 27th November 2015

Mon 30 November 15


What do you dislike about angling? There are loads of contenders when I think about it….litter, otters, cormorants and a whole host of others, but the one thing that really has me pulling my hair out is angling on the internet!!!

I consider myself fairly easy going, happy to offer advice or information when asked and able to contribute a reasonably valid point in most fishy debates, but what really makes me despair is the sheer number of anglers who are quick to deny, deride or decry the angling of another who sees fit to put his thoughts in the public domain. Why is this?? What turns a fellow fishing brother (or sister) into one happy to spit bile and vitriol when in truth, they would never dare say it to the targets face, nor does it really concern them, and in many cases is completely misinformed??!

Haters. So there we have it, something I’m passionate about. I hate haters more than anything else in the angling world. I see absolutely no point in taking the time and effort to post something online or elsewhere which causes only ill feeling, distaste and upset in response to another’s angling; if you don’t like it or disagree, fine, but be sensible about it and respond like an adult with an opinion to be respected. If you are one of those who delight in such foolish bravado, and obviously some do, personally I think you need to take a long hard look in the mirror…’ll find a chump staring back! I will name a few names here of those subjected to such drivel as examples; Danny Fairbrass for one. Love Korda and or hate them, it is undeniable that Mr. Fairbrass and team (to whom I have no connection) have probably been responsible for introducing more anglers to specimen fishing than any other company. The ‘Thinking Tackle’ programmes are enjoyed by many, the products exposed are bought by even more, so why do I constantly see online rants about Team Korda? Danny and the boys run a business, and that business needs to be making money…that’s the whole point of it, so why do others denigrate that fact? They have their marketing off to a tee; have cornered areas others can only dream of and are very good at what they do, but still the invective from some idiots? To be fair, I don’t always agree with what they preach, but I respect the fact that others do…… Matt Hayes is another; a change of direction has seen Matt do something different for which he is now pilloried in some quarters…but really, it’s got nothing to do with you! (I don’t know Matt either!) I’ve even seen derogatory comments aimed at the great John Wilson, the man who achieved the impossible when he got angling onto mainstream television all those years ago and really got people interested. A chap who thoroughly enjoys what he does and will now reap the benefits in retirement. I could go on with a number of others, but you see what I mean; the list is long and varied…..

It’s not just the well known anglers though. Youngsters who post up video snippets, anglers who consistently catch decent fish and gain a discount from a small bait or tackle company to help promote their wares, even those lucky enough to catch record fish are all in the firing line. Companies who offer prizes on Facebook and Twitter to boost sales and raise awareness all get stick, with some individuals even posting blatant lies or mistruths, making allegations about products they have never even used or fisheries they have never seen…..I really cannot work out what goes through their mind when they spout such rubbish! It drives me mad!

My point is this; these anglers, venues, companies and many more like them, choose to make a living from angling. They have to make decisions to pay the mortgage, foot the bills and fund life in general, which I have no issue with at all…and neither should you. If you don’t appreciate what they do, don’t use the products they sell or endorse, and if you don