Angling Blog 3rd January 2015

Sat 03 January 15


I think 2015 will be the year of the gadget for me… I’ve spent some money over Christmas and invested in a gizmo currently taking the angling world by storm, the Deeper Fishfinder! Admittedly, I’ve only used it a few times so far, and all have been on stillwater venues, but my initial impressions have been impressive indeed. Before I continue, I must point out that I am not an expert by any means in its operation, nor do I yet appreciate all of the options it offers, but as an everyday angler, I’ve had a play, and the future looks bright!

It has a hefty price tag which at first look seems overly expensive; it isn’t. Once you realise just what the Deeper can do, you will realise that the rrp of £169.99 (may be cheaper online) for an item which may significantly assist the angler, is money well spent. Opening the pack, I was presented with the Deeper fishfinder, a charging pack, three securing bolts, neoprene pouch and all other associated bits and pieces required to get it up and running. The Deeper works in conjunction with an Android or Ios ‘app’ which is free to upload and which provides all the support needed to get it working. In reality, unless you are completely technically dyslexic, you should have no problems connecting your Deeper to the ‘app’ as long as you have the Bluetooth capability on your smart device; simply open Bluetooth, select the Deeper, connect, and go fishing! I must also advise that the ‘app’ will ONLY connect to the Deeper when it is on charge, or in the water, so don’t be disheartened when you remove the power source from your shiny new gadget and fail to connect! (Took me hour to work that one out!)

It can be used from both boat and bank, weighs about 3.5oz, so make sure you have sufficiently strong tackle which will cast it out, and safely retrieve, otherwise it will be an expensive ‘crack off’, or alternatively, use the flexible arm (not supplied) to attach to the boat. It is automatically powered on when in contact with water, and automatically connects with the Deeper ‘app’ when opened; it really is that simple to use. Chuck it out, open ‘app’, learn the secrets below the water! Easy, but there is so much more to Deeper! The ‘app’ allows the angler to make a complete and comprehensive log of the session. A map (GPS locate required) marks the exact spot, there is a camera option which enables a quick snap of the peg/swim to be taken without having to close the ‘app’, a calendar which even includes moon phases, a notepad, weather conditions, a share option, and a huge number of settings means that Deeper is an extremely versatile tool which can be used anywhere, even in saltwater. In such a short blog, I really do not have enough room to explain the dual band sonar, sensitivity, fish icon, alarms, units, history, night fishing option, or any of the many other components which make up the Deeper experience, but take my word for it, it’s worth the money!

So far, I have found it to be exceptionally accurate when determining depth and bottom features (hours of marker work was not wasted!) and also precise when finding fish. I have found a couple of limitations, the main constraint being the range at which it can be used… I got mine to work at distances up to around 45m, but beyond that, the Bluetooth connection was broken, so for huge expanses of water, it would have to be used from a boat. In choppy water, I also occasionally disturbed Bluetooth, but it was quick to relocate and reconnect, so this was not really an issue. I also noticed a discrepancy in depth readings between ‘basic’ and ‘detailed’ options until the unit had stabilised, but nothing untoward, and it was soon rectified when sonar returns had settled. You also need to be careful to secure the Deeper to the correct screw fixing (there are three) to ensure the correct angle between rod tip and Deeper to maintain connection and provide correct readings, and also check to see that the two halves are tight to maintain watertight integrity; aside from that, it is simplicity itself to use!

To end my ‘first thoughts’, I have to say that I’m ‘deeply’ impressed! Every review I’ve read so far has been encouraging, and raved about the performance of Deeper. I’ve already heard of the innovative, and quick to use Deeper being used in emergency situations by firemen to locate a submerged car, so the accuracy and information provided is already being recognised as of high standard… you really should try it! As a postscript, you do however have to buy the Deeper sonar; you cannot upload the ‘app’ alone and point your phone at the water expecting it to miraculously expose the secrets of the murky depths; I have been asked why the ‘app’ doesn’t work by an angler sitting on the bank who uploaded the ‘app’ whilst fishing, but didn’t own a Deeper unit; sometimes technology does confound I suppose….