Team UKMA Profile Duncan Warmeant

Sun 24 August 14



Duncan Warmeant


When I was 8 I started fishing for perch and brown trout on my local river. One day a friend of mine invited me to fish with him on his dad’s pond and my first catch was a 5lb carp. From that day on I was hooked on carp fishing and spent most of my summer holidays there.
Over the next few years I joined a local fishing club. I spent most nights and weekends at the lakes fishing and talking to the local carp anglers about rigs and tactics. I spent many a day up trees watching carp and studying their feeding habits, it soon paid of as I started to catch some of the waters bigger residents. I now have a long history of lakes that I have fished, in and around the Sussex and Kent area, far too many to name, but all magical in their own way. Since 2010, I also compete in the British Carp Angling Championships each year.

I am a sponsored consultant for Mistral Baits and have now started doing video blogs of all the day ticket fisheries I visit. I have caught a good number of carp in the 23 years of carp, fishing both here in the UK and abroad. This includes numerous twenties, thirties and a personal best of 43lb 8oz. Due to work commitments I do have limited time on the bank so I need to make the most of my nights away so having the right knowledge and frame of mind means I can maintain a good catch rate.

It is a real privilege to come onboard and become involved with UKCA and I am looking forward to sharing my video blogs and writing reviews on the latest tackle and appearing in regular features on their website. If you see me on the bank come and say hi, the kettle is always on.