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Tue 28 October 14


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I started fishing as soon as physically possible,my dad saw to that. Over the years I’ve fished for most species from cod to carp. Nowadays I fish short sessions with a sort of smash and grab approach, travelling light as possible so as to keep as mobile as possible. My favourite species is tench but my favourite style of fishing is trotting the stick float on the river for roach and dace. I enjoy most styles of fishing,being interested in all species means that there are very few times when conditions are not good for a bite.

The stalking approach to me is perfect,the session is filled with trying to make it happen as opposed to waiting for it to happen. Although obviously both approaches are great, its just a personal thing. if I was only allowed 1 rod then it would have to be a float rod, watching a float is highly addictive,but I do sit behind buzzers etc too and fish for carp,tench and barbel on my local river and lakes.

My favourite individual capture is a river roach of 2lb 9oz (pictured above) caught on trotted maggot from my local river, I was on cloud 9 for a few days after that !!