Team UKMA Profile Julian Barnes

Mon 08 December 14


Julian with a stunning 14lbs 6oz Great Ouse barbel

It’s in the blood ……..……
My first memory of fishing was my late uncle taking me to Duloe Brook as a four year old and that was it, hooked for life. We used to catch Chub and take them home in a tin in triumph, and then I’d cry when they died as I couldn’t understand why.

As I got older I fished on the Ouse around St Neots catching Bream and Roach. I graduated into the local match scene and won my share and made the Nationals team for St Neots Angling Club at 11 years old. I carried on fishing matches until I won the Club Junior Championship at 14 years old. I moved to the senior matches and was giving them a run for their money when I made a discovery…… Catfish.

I caught my first one at Woburn Abbey in 1981 and found them such a mystery as so little was known about them. I got into Carp and Pike fishing but always thought about Cats, my friends and I discovered Claydon in 1989/91 and caught loads and we wanted bigger.

1991 saw my first trip abroad for Cats and I’ve made numerous trips every year since with English fishing taking a bit of a back seat.

I have fished in France, Spain, Cuba, Goa and Thailand and been lucky enough to catch some wonderful fish that I could only dream about years ago, including 172 Cats over 100 pound too 206.

My life commitments have changed down the years and I’m right back into my English fishing, still getting 3 trips abroad a year and loving every minute of it.

I’ve been part of the catMaster Tours team since 2001 representing them at the Angling shows up and down the country and am proudly sponsored by Madbaits.

2014/15 has seen me targeting Barbel and I can’t get enough of them.