Team UKMA Profile Mike Madeley

Fri 05 January 18


I’m Mike Madeley and live in Corby Northants,I’ve been fishing for around 20 odd years and compared to some thatch 5 minuets.

Like many I started on the rivers catching Roach ect.. but moved onto the Carp scene as i got more into it.

Carp fishing is a major part of my life enabling me to get away from the riggours of work and also meeting like minded people which is always nice.

When it comes to personnal bests im lucky enough to of had a UK 41.2 common and for a Mirror its 33.2. however my most memorable catch was Swanny from Elsons..she was just an old warrior saddly passed away now but a little piece of history.

My Carp fishing now is as intense as its ever fortunate to be backed by Summit tackle and Enterprise tackle and very recently on board with DT Bait development.

Be happy with your fishing..and do you’re own thing.

Be lucky



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