Team UKMA Profile Stef Knowles

Sun 24 August 14



Stef Knowles


I started fishing at a young age with my dad on local ponds, happy to catch anything that came along. In my early teens progressed on to carp fishing on the same local ponds, which as it turned out had some surprisingly large fish. From there I followed the usual pattern, every weekend, school holiday and days when I didn’t quite make it to school would see my fishing. Then like so many I discovered alcohol and girls and my fishing tackle took a back seat gathering dust for a few years.
Even in that time though, I still couldn’t walk past water without stopping to have a look and before long the familiar desire for the peace and quiet of angling returned. That was 15 years ago and since then I have be fortunate to fish a number of lakes and even visit France on a few occasions. I prefer to fish syndicates rather than the busy day ticket and club waters to help me relax and remove the day to day stress of working on a building site.

I also enjoy a spot of fluff chucking every now and then, lure fishing for pike during the colder months and the occasional trip down to the coast to lure fish for mackerel and bass during the warmer months.
My UK pb is a 34lb 2oz common (see profile pic). I have competed in various competitions over the years but as times gone on I now prefer to fish either alone or with friends just for the pleasure of it.

I’m currently fishing a stunning syndicate on the Kent/Sussex border, sadly it has a publicity ban so whilst I can show you pictures of the fish, you can’t see how stunning the venue itself is, although I am working on the owner for permission! I am also fortunate enough to be able to take my dog, Tigga, with me, she is great company and a real character!