Hitting the ground running part two

Thu 19 March 15


Tuesday 09.00

I woke up this morning to a mild annoyance; the left hand rod bobbin was off the line and the line tighter than when I checked it last thing Monday evening. It turns out the battery in the head of the alarm was running out so although the light was flashing to indicate a bite I was getting no sound from the receiver.

I decided against rebaiting the rod just yet in case anything is going on around that rod however, I will give it until 9am then check it out, Dave managed a 32lb 8oz common around 8am and John also lost one in the weed just on first light so the fish are starting to make an appearance and all around the venue too.

Today has started off a bit misty again but that will soon burn off although not forecast to be quite as warm for the next few days only 13 & 14 degrees on the plus side night time temperatures are forecast to be around 5 degrees so a little warmer.


Well the left hand spot is rebaited and decided to pop the bait boat into the lodge and put it on charge for a few hours whilst I don’t need it, my earlier hopes of the mist lifting for another sunny day have disappeared for now as it’s raining, not heavily but enough that I’m sat in the bivvy with the radio on. Have to say that French radio plays some seriously weird stuff!!

John has now headed off back to the UK until tomorrow night as he has an important work conference that he couldn’t get out of, as he and Lane are here until next Wednesday it’s not the end of the world just a minor annoyance for him.


I have just spent about an hour in the margin by my right hand rod and I’ve decided to call that area “The Aquarium” saw around 5 fish milling about in the snags nearby, one was a rather large mirror so hopefully I can catch that if it decides to have a feed.

It’s still raining, only lightly but still sat in the bivvy. Going to wait until about 1pm then pop some chops out into the right hand margin and see if I can get the fish moving about a little more, no news from the guys up the other end but fingers crossed someone has one this afternoon.


Well the 2pm dinner bell went off again for me, same rod again and another common, this one was 44lb 4oz and once again hooked firmly in the bottom lip.

I have been toying with moving one of the other rods as to be honest not seen an awful lot happening from the left hand side of the island. So found the end of the bar on the open water area of the right side of the swim and baited up with around 100 boilies.

I will leave it for this afternoon then first thing tomorrow morning I will move a rod on to that area, probably the one from the left hand side of the island and leave the one on the left hand margin for another day as it only went out this morning, then if I’ve had nothing by Thursday morning I will review what I do with that one.


I’d like to say I’m some kind of hardcore angler who sits up all night waiting for signs of fish to cast to however, after last night’s late night of 11pm where I saw grand total of nothing moving tonight I’m going to finish my cup of tea and go to bed.

Had signs of fish feeding near to where my middle rod is so a slight change of plan for the morning will see that become my left hand rod and the rod on the left hand margin move out to the open water channel on the right hand side of the island.

Wednesday 09.30

Well I was up early, by my standards, and got the rod moved as planned, Lane popped round for a catch up and a coffee and we were discussing how much warmer the night had been when the right hand rod pulled round and I was I to another carp.

To be honest playing the fish early on it didn’t appear to be big when it rolled about 30 yards out. Once in the margin though it really started to put up a fight and what once appeared to be a quick fight soon became a battle of attrition and eventually about 15 minutes later she slipped on the net.

The fish itself wasn’t overly long hence why I didn’t think it was very large whilst playing it, I still didn’t think it was that large as Lane and I carried her to the weight station.

I was seriously shocked when she went 55lb 8oz, another common too. Due to the short round shape of the fish I really struggled to pick her up but in the end we got some cracking photos before slipping her back. A quick cup of coffee then fresh rig and bait on and back out, that’s the earliest take I’ve had but hopefully it’s a sign of the fish waking up and we will see a few more out around the lake over the next few days.


The weather today has been awesome, 16 degrees and sunny so sat out and enjoyed the rays for a while. The right hand margin area is clouded up I did see the shape of one fish in there but couldn’t even tell if it was a common or mirror. I have just repositioned the rod that is by the left hand side of the island and put a bit more bait out there. I have been using maize as a hookbait out there however, with the success of the boilie I have decided to go all three on that.

Haven’t seen signs of movement in the open water area yet but it’s only been there since this morning so maybe during tomorrow I will get some action off that. Lane lost one about 17.00 not sure what happened but will catch up with him about it later on.

Thursday 07.00

Well Wednesday late afternoon and evening came to nothing, on the plus side we all met up for dinner on the patio outside the lodge, the “Aquarium” remained murky throughout yesterday and I only saw the dark shape of one fish in there. There could well have been more however I was unable to see the bottom anymore so who knows.

Last night was the coldest night we’ve had since we’ve been here as it looks like it went down to -2 which in truth is kind of normal for this time of year but seems more drastic as for an hour or so yesterday I was sat out in just a t-shirt. I toyed with rebaiting the rod in open water this morning but there looks like there are bubbles in the area which could be feeding fish so I may hang on for a little while then review my plan of action later on I’m tempted to redo two of the rods then leave them until I have a fish or we leave, whichever is sooner.


Had breakfast round at the lodge this morning, I’ve been quite happy with my bacon sarnie each morning but when there is a full English breakfast on offer sometimes you just can’t say no.

Decided to redo the open water rod earlier than planned, the fish yesterday morning had gone into that line and although the area is pretty clear started wondering if the point of the hook may have been blunted on the gravel and as soon as that starts to play on your mind you need to redo it to put your mind at ease. Obviously the hook was fine so fresh bait and back out it went and will stay there now for the final 48 hours. Seems strange that 48 hours is all that is left of the holiday, time really has flown by!

Had a look in the “Aquarium” and although the water is still coloured in there I saw 4 carp milling about, how fully as the sun warms the water they will become a little more active and pop out for a feed.


The last hurrah…..

So, decided that I would redo the two other rods too. The left hand rod towards the island is an area I feel maybe should have got a bite. So that rod has gone back out a little closer to the island and right beside an overhanging branch. I know the area is clear but decided against fishing there instead heading for the silt gully about 10 feet to the left.

Also as I’d had no action from the right hand rod, in the Aquarium, despite seeing fish milling around I felt a fresh rig and bait wouldn’t hurt there either. Obviously I still have around 40 hours of fishing left but as it has turned colder, although still very sunny, I think getting the rods out and leaving them alone is the way forward.

Between us today we’ve had a really good look around the lake and apart from my right hand margin there have been no signs of fish. We are only able to check the margins but they are clearly held up somewhere and not overly interested in feeding unless it’s put very close to them.

Friday 08.00

So the last full day is here, another cold night and no fish to report from anywhere on the lake. Had a couple of beeps on the right hand rod about an hour ago but nothing since have decided I am going to try and not go round there too much today but when you’re watching 5 or 6 40-50lb carp swimming about its difficult not to.

Lane just popped round for a coffee and a chat, although he is due to stay until next Wednesday as he’s seen nothing up his end of the lake he is a little tempted to come home tomorrow, although I’m sure once Gary and Damage arrive later today he will be rejuvenated and up for staying longer.

John’s work thing Tuesday night went right through Wednesday and Thursday so currently we are still waiting for him to come back, the downside of being management for a blue chip company I guess.

The good thing is that I am still confident of a bite or two at some point today I’m happy with the spots I am fishing so today is definitely about sitting on my hands and not being tempted to fiddle and tweak with things. Later this afternoon I will start having a tidy up, we are not due to leave until 11am tomorrow but if I can have a few bits packed away it just makes things easier tomorrow. I have already started pestering Lane to organise another trip out to here next year, even if we come for the same week I am definitely up for it.


Well today passed without incident, had breakfast in the lodge and then spent the rest of the day sat chatting with the guys about the year ahead on syndicate water. The bonus of this was the fact that I avoided the urge to go and watch the fish not that it seemed to do me any favours.

Around 16.00 Gary and Damage arrived, they are fishing next week and turned up a day early to catch up and have a social with, it was a lot of laughs with some seriously good food and drink. John finally arrived back at the lake around 19.00 having managed to get lost despite using a sat nav, we’re not sure how but somehow if anything like this can happen it will happen to him.

Saturday home time….15.30

So we’re now sat at the tunnel waiting for our train. Had a fantastic week and some absolutely stonking fish too, the lake is definitely one I am keen to visit again, I’d happily go at the same time of year but would also love to see how stunning it is in the height of summer.

There were no more fish to report before we left the lake; John and Lane are there until Wednesday as the guests of the anglers on there for this week that Lane knows well.

My girlfriend is away until Tuesday so that gives me tonight and tomorrow to get all my gear sorted for the upcoming season on Medway Valley fisheries and also prepare myself for my first day at my new job on Monday, exciting and challenging times ahead.

Tight lines…