Making hay whilst the sun shines

Tue 05 May 15


So finally I have got on top of writing articles, my plan (fingers crossed) is to try and write every three to four weeks even if I am not catching and this article brings me back up to date.

The weekend after my previous article I was way up north visiting my girlfriends family, so no fishing was done then, but I still made sure to get down during the few days before I went to bait up and again on the following Wednesday. It’s true when they say you see more and learn more when you visit a lake without fishing tackle, although I headed straight to the swim to bait up once that was done I then set about having a wander. With the lighter evenings well and truly here I was able to have a good hour walking round after and managed to see one or two fish. The more surprising thing was that they were still on the wind, which being a cold north easterly seemed very strange.

So jump forward to Friday evening and as my friend and I pulled into the car park I was very surprised to see it empty, yep for the weekend just two of us fished a far cry from the bank holiday weekend when there was eight anglers fishing, I had no such trouble getting the rods out as with clear skies the light remained until around 8:30 and my rods were out well in advance of that.

Saturday morning around 9:30 I had a take on my middle rod which felt quite tench like but after only a few seconds with the fish on the hook pulled, I was gutted but still pleased that I got a pickup. Sadly that was it for the weekend and apart from still being very cold I saw absolutely nothing move anywhere on the lake, one of the other anglers turned up with the plan to stalk but after walking round for 3 or 4 hours and not seeing any fish he decided not to bother, so Sunday I went home with my first blank!

On Tuesday I was on a course in London and as it finished in good time I got home a little earlier than I normally would have, I headed off to the lake to bait up, the wind was still a cold north easterly but the sun was shining and the temperatures were picking up nicely. This time I saw a few fish and even some near the area I had been fishing. So things were looking good for the weekend. I headed back down to the lake on Wednesday after work as the wood had arrived to do the platforms on the north bank, in all honesty I felt more in the way as with a chippy and Lane running the show I just passed them wood and tried not to get in their way!

So roll round to Friday, out of work on time and a brisk walk home, get changed and load the gear in the van before heading off to the lake. The wind had swung around to a south westerly on Thursday so I was wondering if despite the baiting up I was going to see most of the fish down in the bay on the new wind. By accident I mis-cast my left hand rod and found a gravel hump considerably closer in than my previous spot and with it only being around 10 feet deep with the surrounding area being closer to 15 feet I thought it was too good a spot to ignore.

Around 10pm I got a call from Penfold who was fishing opposite me, he’d caught his first fish of the year in the shape of a stunning 27lb mirror, I popped round to photograph the fish for him and spent a little time having a chat before heading back to my swim and getting sorted for the night, by the time I got to bed in was nearly 1am. The following morning I woke up around 7am and heard that Penfold had landed a 22lb mirror earlier that morning, I was still lying in bed when just after 8am I had a take on the left hand rod. Despite the spot being an obvious fish holding spot I came out the bivvy and was looking at the right hand and middle rods first, the fish felt solid and just plodded around doing very little but not coming in particularly easily either. After about 10 minutes the fish was wallowing in the margin and I slipped the net under her.

I called Penfold as the fish was so unusual, although I am now going to give up trying to estimate the fish weights as I thought this was an upper double but it actually went 22lb.

By the middle of the afternoon there were 10 anglers fishing, it would have been 12 but Lane and Chainsaw packed up as it was the fishery owners 50th birthday and they were going down the lodge for a few drinks with him. The next morning Keith managed a 25lb 6oz stunning mirror from the corner swim so four fish ended up being caught during the weekend. I’m not sure how much longer the fish will keep being caught before they wise up a bit more but for the moment it’s a case of making hay whilst the sun shines! Next weekend is the bank holiday weekend so hoping I will be able to fish all three nights.

Tight lines,