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Fri 30 August 13


In my last blog, if you can remember back that far I had my season mapped out. I was back on Medway Valley Fisheries and had started doing some times on one of their stunning lakes, the large low stocked lake! Back then the plan had been to fish most weekends through the summer and autumn, keep mobile but also keep bait going into one or two swims to have a base from which to work.

So how was reality? Well it is now almost the middle of September and the last time I was able to visit the lake was back in early June, my new job has just been mental and I have worked a number of weekends or had family commitments to contend with, I have to be honest here and say my other half has been brilliant throughout trying desperately to work out ways I which I can go fishing, but for the most part it just hasn’t happened, I haven’t even had the spare time to just sit down and write a blog article!

That’s not to say I haven’t been fishing at all, I had a couple of trips which I will fill you in on now….
So back to the end of June, once again I was lucky enough to be invited on a trip to Island Lake, by a good friend, Chainsaw Dave, who organizes a trip out there each year. As you know last year I went and fished with a friend Nathan, and between us we had a brilliant time and even managed a few fish. This year Nathan was pairing up with someone else which meant I was fishing on my own. I can’t say I was bothered by this but when you team up with someone it makes things a lot easier, placing rigs or landing fish from the boat is quite a simple job but way easier with two of you.

The way in which we spit up the lake works quite well too, we have three pairs which take swims 1&2, 5&6 and 7&8 then the two single anglers take 12 and 13, with just 8 of us this really allows us to cover as much of the water as possible and even though it still leaves one or two areas uncovered you are able to keep an eye on these areas and move into there should you need to.

After a walk around I have to be honest and say I really fancied swim 13, it’s a very productive swim and whilst it doesn’t always throw up the bigger fish it does seem to produce a higher number of fish. Doug and I tossed a coin for that swim and he won, no surprise when he elected to go in there then! So I was in Peg 12, this swim commands a lot of water, it’s situated on the mouth of a bay which belongs entirely to the peg, also you get to fish out towards the marker, another productive area, the marker is placed in open water and gives a visual marker over pegs 6, 7 & 12.

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Micky Hall, one of the bailiffs at Island Lake, is quite probably the best bailiff I’ve ever met. Not only will he help put you on the spots in the lake but he also is more than happy to look after your rods whilst you nip off to the loo or grab a quick shower, which is a great help when you don’t want to bring the rods in just for a 10 minute nip to the toilet. So when he popped into swim with the bait I had ordered I was paying close attention to him as to the spots and areas I should keep an eye on. As expected one rod should go out towards the permanent marker, about 15 yards short on the edge of the weed bed, the next rod he suggested going on the edge of a large gravel hump 20 yards short of the far mouth of the bay and finally he suggested 2 or 3 areas in the bay to keep an eye on and roam the rod around.

The previous week had been a great one with 31 fish being caught, this was really apparent as the normally gin clear water was very murky from where the fish had been feeding heavily. This could be a good or bad thing, if they were still up for a munch then we would be on to catch a few, on the flip side if they had finished then it could be a quiet week! Once out in the boat finding the spots became even harder, out around the permanent marker wasn’t too bad however, trying to find the large gravel hump, which it later transpired was really large, was nigh on impossible with the water being so murky, however, a few hours later I was sat back with a beer watching the water and chilling out.

The first night passed without incident, a couple of fish did come out around the lake so it did appear that the fish were still feeding. Most of Sunday passed without incident, one fish came out during the day but to this point I hadn’t seen any signs of fish in front of me, or close to where I was fishing. So as darkness descended I decided to head off to bed, around midnight I was awoken by the bite alarm, after the previous year where I knew the fish would do their best to get into weed beds I was a little unsure as to whether I should go out into the boat or try to play the fish from the bank, I elected to get my life jacket on just in case but to start with I would try to play the fish from the bank.

This time round I was lucky and despite a couple of moments where I was toying with going out after about 20 minutes the fish slipped into the net, I breathed a huge sigh of relief as I was off the mark, now I could relax and just enjoy the fishing. I also decided that from now on I would go out in the boat as the weed bed which was just in front of me was denser than I had first thought. On the scales the fish went 42lb, a few quick self takes, get the fish into the recovery sling and whilst I waited I re-baited and put the rod back out on the spot. After a quick cup of tea I decided to get back to bed as it was now around 2am.

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Tight lines,