Remember me ?? Part Two

Sat 31 August 13


So continuing on from the first part of my French trip I’d just landed a 42lb mirror and was off the mark on the second evening of the trip.

Based on my knowledge of the lake from others who’d fished the venue and my own findings last year the fish seem to prefer washed out baits, so you can imagine my surprise when two hours later I had a take on the same rod, this time I decided not to take a chance and went straight out in the boat, that decision quickly proved to be the right one when the fish got its head down into a weed bed, once above the fish though I quickly got it moving and shortly after she was in the net.

Remember me ?? Part two image 1

Getting back to the bank proved more of a challenge as the wind was blowing quite hard and I was rowing, or at least trying to row directly into a headwind. After some struggling I managed to get back to terra firma. A quick peak into the recovery sling confirmed this fish was considerably larger than the first one. A quick call to Adam who was fishing opposite in Peg 7 and we were soon sorting the pictures and putting the fish back, at 53lb 4oz she was the largest fish I’d caught from the venue so we celebrated with a beer, or two.

Whilst Adam was with me we noticed that there were bubbles coming up on the left edge of my swim, this was an area I shared with Adam but as he didn’t have a rod there he suggested I stick one out there, as I’d seen no movement in the bay it was a fairly easy decision to make and so I moved the rod out of the bay. The rod which had produced two fish was put back out on the spot and I decided to get a couple of hours sleep after getting virtually none overnight, not that I was complaining.

Whilst I, and the others on the trip, saw a few fish during the day they weren’t feeding or we weren’t catching them, but at least I was seeing fish and having bagged two fish inside of 48 hours I was extremely happy. Along with the cabins and power, with British plug sockets, each swim now boasts a permanent BBQ, so that evening I decided it was only right and proper to cook up some steak and open a nice bottle of red wine.

Remember me ?? Part two image 2

Just before 10pm I had another take on the same rod as before, before I had time to put the life jacket on this fish was making a serious bee line towards to bay round to my left, maybe I wouldn’t need to go out in the boat for this one? Or maybe I would, after a couple of moments where I thought I’d be head around in the boat towards swim 8 the fish then went out in front of me and locked itself solid in a weed bed about 25 yards from the bank, this fish definitely didn’t want to go in the net, reminiscent of one of the fish I caught on the trip last year and two or three times it burrowed its way back into the weed bed. Once on the mat, I instantly recognised the fish as the 50lb’er I’d caught the previous year, this year though she went a smidgen bigger at 51lb, you’ll have to excuse the “slightly” gormless look but lack of sleep and issues with the self-take system meant I wasn’t quite with it as I sorted the pictures. So inside of 24 hours I had caught three fish two of which were 50lb+, a brilliant trip already.

Remember me ?? Part two image 3

By first thing Tuesday morning all but one of the guys on the trip had caught, in total the 8 of us had managed to land 14 fish, three of which were over 50lb, but the rest were either 40’s or upper 30’s so as you can imagine hopes were high that we could account for quite a few more fish before it was time to go. Well as you can imagine as quickly as fish can come on to feed they can equally quickly switch off and certainly for my area of the lake that’s exactly what happened, the water quickly started to clear and signs of fish anywhere near where I had baits slowed down and by Tuesday evening had stopped completely.

Over the next couple of days the guys in 1&2, 7&8 and 13 picked up the odd fish but it had slowed drastically. The weather had picked up through the week too and was now very warm with high pressure, so on Thursday we all decided to reel in the rods just before lunchtime and have a group BBQ to celebrate Adam’s birthday. So at around 6pm after way too much food I was back in my swim and getting the rods out. With the water now being considerably clearer finding the spots was very easy even the large gravel hump I had struggled so badly to find on the previous Saturday.

Sadly even putting in this extra bit of effort and ensuring that the rigs were spot on didn’t help me catch another fish and Thursday rolled into Friday and into Saturday morning. On the plus side on the final night Dave managed a mid-40 mirror so no one on the trip blanked. The final tally of fish was 22 which was identical to 2012 with the same number of 50lb fish caught but the average weight being up on the previous trip.

Remember me ?? Part two image 4

I have already booked onto next year’s trip and my good friend Mark will be joining me so I’m already looking forward to that trip.

Tight lines,