When it all seems too much !!

Mon 20 October 14


So we’re 80% of the way through the year and to be honest since March time I’ve just wanted to write this year off and start again!

Not only has work been manic and sometimes I’ve wanted to walk out, but as I mentioned I have also been doing some studying to get the official paperwork that confirms I am capable of doing the job I have done for most of the last 25 years! That in itself has been tough, then add to that the fact I managed to injure my knee and am currently preparing to go into surgery later this week and you can see that with everything going on I have placed a lot of emphasis on my fishing as my outlet from my day to day life!

Luckily I have a group of friends that I fish with who have been, in their own unique way, very supportive throughout the year – even if I don’t always appreciate how blunt they can be with their advice & support.

Stunning common

As most of my free time away from the lake has been spent studying those who read my semi-kind-of-regular ramblings will be aware that at the end of my last article I promised an article on my yearly trip to France, well that is still a work in progress, the trip as usual was epic even if the fish did decide to spawn, but I will attempt to get that finished over the next week whilst I am off work.

So what’s been happening for me in my fishing? Well very little on the catching side, after France I had work and family commitments so managed one overnighter between the end of June and early September. However, since then I have managed most weekends and even had the opportunity for an extended weekend. Sadly even with this extra time I haven’t managed to catch anything but the things have started to look up in the past two weeks as I have at least had bites, sadly one resulted in a hook pull and the other managed to find sanctuary in a snag and cut me off but the signs are looking a little better!

Perfect condition mirror

I have been witness to some very pretty fish though as can be seen already in this article, both of these fish were part of a stocking that took place in March of this year and the growth rates have been nothing short of exceptional, the common has put on 7lb and is now topping the scales over 25lb and the mirror has nearly doubled in weight from 10lb 8oz to 20lb 8oz which is testament to the quality of the water and the natural food which is available. These fish are only going to get bigger and it seems at a very rapid rate!

On the long weekend I had a situation which when you look back was highly amusing however, at the time I was, to put it mildly, seriously annoyed. I’d been toying with the idea of fishing in one of the bays for a week or so and turning up early on Thursday afternoon with a “BIG” south westerly wind pushing into the bay I decided I would be a fool not to get in there. It’s not the easiest swim to get into and running/sliding up and down the bank it took considerably longer to get my gear out of the van and into the swim. As the weekend before I’d had to pack the bivvy away still wet I thought a good idea would be to set the bivvy up, facing away from the wind, so I could get it dried out, the forecast for the following couple of days was wet and windy so I thought it made sense to get the bivvy dry then set it up properly and put the over wrap on.

my broken bivvi

I pegged it down and set about sorting out the rods, I had one out and was clearing some weed out the way when a gust of wind came in and ripped all but one of the pegs out of the ground and folded the bivvy flat, the end result was that one of the poles snapped, I tried to find a way of repairing it but couldn’t think of anything, at this point with the wind getting stronger I decided that discretion was the better part of valour and I wimped out and moved! To top it off on the Friday evening Dave arrived and went in the same swim, now the wind had eased, and proceeded to land 3 fish, including the mirror above.

We have also used the past two weekends as an opportunity to do some swim maintenance before the winter arrives, with erosion being quite bad on the northerly bank we’ve just finished shoring up the back of the swims, when I say we predominantly it’s been Lane, Keith and Jay, anyone who knows me will know that I have very little skill when it comes to DIY so I have stuck to the simple things that I can’t cock up, yep I back-filled behind the wooden retaining walls the others created.

There are plans for some more work parties over the coming weeks and hopefully I will be able to get down to help out.

A work parties efforts = a finished swim

So that brings things up to date, recently I have been finding things very frustrating but hopefully a week or two away will get the hunger back again and you never know I might even catch a carp….

Tight lines,