Yet more tosh

Sat 28 June 14


Once again I am back writing an article to help all you insomniacs manage to get some shut eye!

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For the last few articles, writing has felt a little bit like déjà vu, well I guess that’s the reality of fishing large, relatively low stocked waters. However, the more that I fish the venue the more I seem to learn but not always skills or topics that can easily be translated onto paper. So what the hell am I talking about, well it’s a simple enough term that has so many nuances involved in it, WATERCRAFT!

So often nowadays we hear the term, on DVDs or in magazine articles with named anglers far more skilled than I consider myself to be trying to explain what it means and how you can improve it. On my last session I sat with a pad and pen trying to jot down how I would try to explain what it meant, at the end of the weekend I had a grand total of nothing written down what-so-ever!

Why is it that this simple word is so difficult to explain, well for me I think it encompasses such a wide topic that to try and narrow it down and explain in words. For me it has been something that I have only been able to learn from actually being on the bank and watching the water, seeing movements that give you a suggestion of movement under the ripple and things such as that. I was given a really good piece of advice only recently regarding spotting fish in clear water, the advice was simple and has rapidly changed how many fish I see; I was told not to try and look for fish but instead to focus on the lake bed anything you then see moving has to be a fish, ok it might not be your target species but the amount of fish I have been able to spot since being told that has been a real eye opener!

So with these new found skills I have obviously been bagging up and unable to sleep due to being up all night catching fish, not a chance but with seeing fish I have started to become more mobile and feeling I am in with a better chance of getting into a fish or two.

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The weed in the lake is really starting to shoot up now, areas that were completely clear of weed or maybe had a few inches are now covered in weed 2-3 feet deep, suddenly the effort I put in a couple of months ago finding the feeding spots is really paying dividends, I only wish I had managed to fish more areas of the lake during the winter as that would have given me knowledge of more of the lake sadly the flooding put paid to those plans.

With the studying I have been doing and commitments at home since my last article I have only fished twice. The first weekend was a bit of a disaster really, I opted for a swim that gave me an excellent view of the lake but that I had not fished before and as the weed didn’t appear too bad and I found one spot in the margins, annoyingly though I was unable to find any more spots that I felt content with and as darkness fell on the Friday evening I resorted to “pub chucks” into areas I knew were relatively clear of weed with the other two rods. Early the next morning the weather turned and for a large portion of the day I was sat under the brolly watching torrential rain come down, as you can see in the picture above.

Finally mid-afternoon on Saturday, the rain abated and I was able to get the marker rod out and continue searching for better spots on which to put the other two rods; about 3 yards to the left of where I had dropped one of my rods I found a clear gravel hump about 4 feet shallower than the 22 feet around it, if only I’d had one more cast the night before maybe I would have found that spot and I would have at least had two rods on good spots for the weekend, oh well c’est la vie.

The next session was a more sensible affair entirely, I started off in a swim I had spent some time in last year and knowing where the spots were enabled me to get two rods out quickly and without causing too much disturbance. First thing Saturday I was up early watching fish moving about, I decided that I would hold off for a few hours but then move swims to an area which had a shallow shelf to one side and an overhanging tree on the other. Just as I was preparing to move a tench angler turned up to fish the day and dropped into my target swim. Knowing he would only be there until the early evening I stayed put and waited for him to go, which was made even more frustrating as there were carp in the swim and he wasn’t interested in them! Late afternoon he packed up and disappeared and I was grateful to see he’d only used a little bait so I wasn’t going to be fishing over a huge bed of bait.

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Despite seeing fish milling about the swim all evening as darkness fell I’d not seen them venture in close to where my baits were. Throughout the night I had twitches but sadly nothing materialised and soon enough it was Sunday morning and I was packing up and heading off home.
Since that weekend I have taken and passed another IT exam and I am now getting ready for my yearly fishing trip to the Island Lake in France, with all the family problems and associated stress I had to deal with over Christmas last year I am really looking forward to this trip, aside from the fishing I am longing for some R&R time with my feet up and a beer or two!

Tight lines,