Being different with Les Bowers

Sun 23 November 14


Sometimes whilst fishing it pays to be different to the norm. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes there’s a ‘going method’ that works well but after a time this will lose its effectiveness. The amount of times I’ve seen the new guy to the lake, turn up and then empty the place is unreal. I’m sure it’s because they are doing something different to everyone else on the lake.

The water I’m fishing at the moment is new to me. I’ve done my homework on it as much as possible, speaking to past and present anglers that fish there. I do listen but prefer to do my own thing to a certain extent. It’s like the swims and topography of the lake, I like to find this out for myself. Yes I’m told where bars and plateaus are but I like to find them for myself. Then I’ll look for a spot within a spot. Like a small silt patch between gravel or vice-versa.

Mainline Hybrid

On this lake, Frimley pit 3, Id been told Id struggle without using maggots and not to use big beds of bait. I decided I was going to try to be different by going in with big beds of boilie and pellet. A good scattering of Mainline hybrid and cell in different sizes to try and confuse them to which was a ‘safe bait’ and which was not.

Mainline Pop Ups

Over the top of this I like to use a bright flouro pop-up on a multi rig. The thought behind this is it will stand out and be one of the first baits to be tested by the inquisitive carp. I’ve found this to work time and again on many different waters. I like to catapult the bait out where I can but if flying rats are a problem, as they are where I’m fishing, I use a Spomb to put them out. Then at night fire a bit with the catty.

The rig I use is the multi rig at this time of year. There is a lot of leafs and debris from the trees littering the bottom and how I fish it it stands up from the bottom. The other great thing with this rig is it’s quick and easy to change the hook without changing the whole hook length. To tie it I use a length of Rigmarole ‘Skinful brown’ of about 10 inches. An overhand loop is formed of about an inch and a quarter. You then feed the loop through the eye of the hook ( I prefer the Rigmarole Hunchbaxs hooks for this).

Rig image

Then thread on a bore ring. Then take loop over the end of the hook. That forms your ‘D’ on back of hook that can be adjusted to suit. On the tag end of the loop I place a small shot that is just enough to sink the pop-up. And blob the tag with a lighter to stop the shot sliding off. I then strip about half inch of the coating on the Skinful so it sits perfectly in the water.

Give it a go on your water. If you can keep the fish moving, you’ll keep em feeding throughout the winter months. I like to keep it topped up every few hours. With a small amount fired over the initial bait. So far it’s proving very effective as I’ve broke my Pb English common twice in as many weeks and a few other fish to boot.

My new PB common fell to these tactics

I hope this feature has given you something to think about

All the best

Les Bowers


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