Canal Carping with Andy Loble


I have finally found a place where I am feeling extremely confident to fish with the added bonus of some half decent carp to target and I have not had to break the bank to do it!!! I began my campaign prebaiting a week ago in the hope that I could get patrolling fish to get accustomed to feeding in the area I had chosen to target.
I have not gone crazy on my swim location and it is something I will divulge once I have finished fishing this stretch.

My prebaiting consisted of a large amount of particle including Vitalin, Hinders Maize and Hemp. I had also been introducing a mix of Mad Baits ‘The Force’ and Hinders ‘Snailz’ boilies in varying sizes to get the fish really munching. I don’t see the need of baiting with a specific boilie as long as it is a quality food source I don’t think it matters too much.

With prebaiting done I decided to get down a do my first night session. I only really have time to do night sessions but this is perfect for canal fishing as there is less boat traffic and also less human traffic on the towpath.

Canal carping 1

I am fishing my 3lb tc Sonik SK4s with Tourno 8000s, a little bit big for the canal towpath but when you hook into a beast they certainly do work their magic. I am positioning the rods parallel to the canal and using extra bank sticks as large snag ears just in case of an aggressive take and especially as I am fishing tight drags.

The fishing has been productive so far. On the first night session I was not expecting too much but was nicely surprised to bank a 21.10lb Mirror at 4.30am.

I then completed a second night this week and had nothing until 5.30am and then had a double take!!! Was a ridiculous fight with both rods but managed to get both fish safely in the net. Two commons of 14lb and 18lb.

Canal carping common

I have plans to get out again this weekend and will give more detail to the rigs general setup I am using.

I wish you all the best


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