My return to the home of 'One Eye'

Wed 26 November 14


After my recent capture of ‘one eye’ I returned to the lake after deciding to stay on the water for the winter until the start of my new campaign lake in May.

I arrived to the lake with a warm westerly wind blowing into an empty swim, after standing in the swim for less than 5 minutes I had seen a carp crash, it seemed an obvious choice to get set up in this swim, so I went back to the car loaded the barrow and got to the swim, being that the carp were already there I didn’t want to straight out with a marker float and scare them away, but unaware of the bottom I decided to flick two rods out on solid bags whilst I set the rest of the kit up, in hope for a quick bite.

Two hours past without a bite and the showing fish had stopped so I set up the marker rod up and quickly found that the majority of the swim was covered in low lying Canadian pond weed of around 6 inches, after chucking the marker around the swim for a little while longer. I found a small silt spot. Over this I fished a short hinge stiff rig to assure that it would be sitting pretty even if it were to land on some weed of bottom debris accompanied with a scattering of whole and half boilies and kept the second rod mobile on the solid bag rig.

Rig image

As the night settled in so did the rain showers, feeling very confident I went to sleep happy, I was awoken at around 6am with a few bleeps from my alarm, I looked out to find the bobbin tight to the alarm and the line twitching, I picked the rod up and leant into the fish and the fish went on a slow but powerful run, slowly peeling line of the reel. After a long, hard fight I slid the net under a mid-twenty leather carp, RESULT!! I unhooked the hinge stiff rig and left the fish to recover in the retaining sling whilst I waited for the camera man to arrive, we weighed the fish, and sure enough it was 26lb on the dot but unfortunately it wasn’t a leather, it had a single scale on the wrist of its tail never-the-less I lifted up my beautiful prize in the shape of a 26lb mirror carp with a huge smile on my face. Nothing else came that morning and I was packed up at around 12 o’clock after another good session, with another cracking fish.

Catch shot

Until next time, tight lines and good luck!

Cain Naylor.