The go anywhere rig with Mike Madeley

Wed 04 June 14


There is a whole world of carp rigs out there, some complicated with more metal ware than a car scrap yard, while others are simplicity itself, why is this the case? I’ve no doubt there’s a lot of stuff out there to catch us out, and obviously the company sponsors showing us these rigs in the mags are utilising their own gear, end of the day its business. I’m a consultant for Vardis tackle and infusion baits, also on the enterprise team and yes this is the gear I use, however if I don’t like something I won’t use it,, simple as that really, I’m not paid or anything , but use it because it works for me, but may not work for you, we have choices, make your own.

Anyway I’ve gone way of tangent, all I wanted to look at is a go anywhere rig and mine is the Multi rig….go anywhere really, ha ha, seriously in my opinion it is, well let’s look at it.

Firstly it’s so simple to put together all you need is some coated braid and a hook..that’s it, can it get any simpler?
Before I go any further I am going to be using Vardis Autumn camo coated braid I will show you 2 of my favourites from the Vardis stable, Autumn cameo and summer cameo a chod hook, and a small rig ring, bait wise its an infusion baits golden ball pop up and some Enterprise zig/surface foam, as ive said this set up works for me.

Go anywhere rig. I’ve used this over gravel/silt/weed….in deep lakes…in the shallows in the margins.. that basically covers the anywhere bit!

The construction of this rig is simple and the initial idea is if the hook becomes blunt, the hook can be replaced quickly without the need to attach a complete new rig. As mentioned I use a chod hook as it has the aggressive angle to it, but a curve shank also suites the multi rig, to counterbalance the pop up I use a bb split shot (clam shots) and again a bit of rig putty does the job as well, so as you can see there are slight differences that can be used to construct the rig…

Once I’ve made the hinge I like my split shot sat just below it, but another way is to leave a tag end on the figure of 8 loop and a shot can be used on there instead as shown in the pic, these are all down to personal preferences but the dynamics are all the same. The height to which you want the rig to sit is dependent on the size of the loop you make…now not only is this a popup rig but can also be used for bottom baits, the options are endless

For instance, say you decide to use a smaller bait, or go to a bigger bait just change the hook to suite, all this without changing a complete rig.

Ok then how is it put together, firstly you will need a length of coated braid, I generally use about 8 inch, then make a figure of 8 loop, this will determine the height the rig will sit up if using a pop up.

Secondly pinch the end of the loop and pass through the eye of your hook (Vardis chod hooks have a big eye) making the job much easier

From here slip a small rig ring over the loop or even a micro swivel or bait screw and hook the loop over the hook, you will now of formed a D shape were the bait will sit.

The Rig is now nearly complete, just below the knot strip away a small bit of the coating from the braided hooklink to create a hinge and slip on either a split shot or some rig putty to counterbalance the pop up, and hey presto there you have it, all you need to do is create a figure of 8 loop other end of the rig and attach to your quick change link.
And there you have it a simple go anywhere rig

Tight Lines

Mike Madely