The magic of spring

Wed 27 May 15


Just recently I have started to refine my angling times down to match feeding spells and weather conditions. It’s a tactic that I like to deploy every spring and when you get it right can provide quick success without spending hours on lakes when time is of a premium…

These days I fall into the family man bracket where spare time is always very calculated and I find myself constantly juggling family, work, friends and my precious fishing time around. This hasn’t stopped the buzz one bit and if anything has made me work a lot harder at my fishing which in turn has made me a better angler and made my time on the bank a lot more enjoyable.

I now plot and plan everything, refining all the little bits that can get in the way and slow me down. With me everything has to be precise, it’s frustrating at times but that’s just the way I am, I like to think that I have high standards and won’t settle for anything second best.

Let’s start with my tackle. All my rods are always prepped and ready to go, Main-Line leaders are on (where permitted), and the leads are in little pouches which are sown into individual rod sleeves. I carry 3 leads in every pouch for different conditions and ranges. My Helicopters are all on short un-leaded leaders with beads set for the rigs I am using, these are fully adjustable and safe, finished with quick change ‘O’ ring swivels so once the rods are made up I can have a lead about, find my spots then simply clip on the rigs and I’m angling…

Travel light and Be preppared

I have a quiver system for the Rods, Sticks, Nets, Retainer and Brolly. The sleeves go on the outside and sit nicely in the bottom pouch and the main section has a full length zip which allows me to roll everything up and zip it closed. This greatly increases set-up and pack up times.

The Rucksack is packed with just the essentials, size wise, I only need 50ltrs. Alarms, Bars, Head torch, bits bag, Zig Pouch and rig wallet. I’ve got a small webbed bag that I can put the essential items in like a Phone, wallet and keys etc. This simply attaches to the Bedchair frame for convenience and is to hand if I need anything.

Everything else like my Brew Kit, Food, Chest Waders etc. go into my barrow. I have adapted this so I can fish from it effectively. I have a pouch on the Front Bar, under bag and water proof cover that tucks away and fits nicely under the handles, there is room in this bag for my Waterproofs as well so everything is to hand when I arrive, very handy for walking and setting up in the rain. If you and your gear are wet you won’t fish well and you may well want to go home.

Being practical about what I take and keeping it minimal again has improved my fishing no end. When your kit is light and you want to move, when you see showing fish somewhere else you pack up and go because pack up time is minimal, trust me it will put more fish on the bank for you. On some of the waters I fish speed is of essence, often being on pits with other likeminded switched on Anglers who don’t miss a trick and if you see fish and don’t move on them they will and you will find yourself on the wrong side of the Camera…

I like this style of fishing and it keeps me motivated, mobile and switched on, finger on the pulse sort of stuff. It’s just too easy to get comfortable and lazy, mind you everyone to their own. I love the challenge in a sensible way, often adding to my success when it finally all comes together…
So this year I have found a lovely little intermit water not a million miles away from where I live with some absolute stunners in it, nice Dark, Scaly fish, not the easiest of waters but that’s perfect for me. I have walked the lake enough now with my little ‘Jack’ aptly named ‘Haribo’ by my youngest son. The dog is young, naive and still has a lot to learn, a bit like me really!

My Dog Haribo

Tactics and bait wise will depend on the situations as they change all the time. One things for sure, my chosen Food Bait will always be Richworth’s S-Core. I originally tested this bait along with a few other consultants before it was commercially available and knew from the early days that this was a bait that I had total confidence in. There was something a bit special about the way the bait drew fish into the swim and held them there. The AA’s that work alongside the AminoPlex Biostimulant perfectly balance out the bait and coupled with the fact that it is a Birdfood with a washed out white colour just ticked all the boxes for me. I often found it out fished other baits around me on pressured waters like Linear to name a few.

!00% confidence in my Choosen Bait

When it comes to bait you need to be a 100% sure, I have seen too many people blame fishless sessions on baits and rigs. I lost this headache when I joined Richworth and now let the likes of Bob Baker get it right which he has been doing consistently for more years than I can remember…

My rigs and tactics have remained the same now for a long time and again just like the bait I have 100% faith in everything I do. I spend all my time now finding fish and baiting accordingly. I tend to let the fish show me what rigs I need to use this can normally be determined by whether they are up or down in the water, Zigs playing a big part in my fishing and again not one piece of foam gets wet without being dipped/soaked in the Sweetplex which is now available in small pots from Richworth and stable with my zigs.

Just recently I was invited on a social trip with a couple of mates to a water that used to be on the ‘Mid-Kent’ ticket. A lake called ‘Loggies’. This is now a day ticket water and can be booked on-line.

Loggies Mirror.

The stock of fish is very good and there are some real stunners swimming around in there, my mate Glen who is proper ‘Old School’ had a bumper session landing 5 fish up to just under 26lb so as you can imagine he was well made up. It’s not an easy water but if you get it right the prizes are certainly there.

All the bailiffs were really good especially ‘Frankie’ who is a legend in the making and absolutely loves his Carp Fishing! There are no silly rules on their which was nice and this seems to attract a decent standard of angler, being ex mid-Kent there is still a leader ban in place.

I approached this lake in my usual way, walking until I found the fish. Tactics again were zigs throughout the day as the fish were up in the water. I prepared little night areas with bait planning to fish them with my high powered sticks that I’ve used for years now, combined with Hydrolink-Combi-Stiff-Rigs, size 4 Kurvs and balanced S-Core-wafters with drilled inserts, plugged with different coloured foam and soaked in Sweetplex.

Small Helicopters are so versatile and can be adapted to most situations.

I used a little method that works well on pressured venues, especially if they see a lot of bait, trickling broken boilies into the night spots during the day making sure to keep the lines well away from the area allowing the fish to get in there and have a nice bit of free bait with no pressure then swinging the rods round at night and changing to the bottom rigs/baits. This worked a treat and I had a take within 15 minutes on the left hand rod on the first night.

Another Loggies Gem

This fish turned out to be the biggest of the trip and at 26.4 I was more than happy, I followed this up with 5 more fish, 3 of which were 20’s, I lost 3 more being cut off on the same snag which I later removed from the margins, a fallen branch covered in Zebra’s… nice!

I had some good fun on the zigs during the day, taking 2 fish at 8ft in 13ft of water on black soaked foam, so all round very enjoyable. It’s not often that I get 36hrs to fish these days so I made sure that I enjoyed every moment of it.

Tight Lines

Daren Welton


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