Sonik Sports Tournos 8000 Big Pit Reels

Tue 12 November 13


First Impressions

Brand and product range expansion has definitely been the way forward for many of the leading carp and specialist manufacturers currently available to the UK angler. With many companies now branching out into new product fields to strengthen their place in the market, the choices now available to the angler are enormous. One company that over the past five years has set very high standards, especially when it comes to value for money and quality of products are North East based SONIK SPORTS. They have well and truly made a name for themselves in the specialist rod market but realised there was a gap in the mid priced specialist reel market place that needed filling. So in September this year they released their first reel designed specifically for the carp, specialist and predator angler, The TOURNOS 8000. UKMA have just got our hands on three of these new reel offerings to see what they have to offer you the angler, here’s our first look.

Tournos 8000 1

Vital Statistics

The TOURNOS 8000 has an understated matt-black finish which although very minimal in its appearance; this finish makes the reel look very classy indeed. The main body and rotor of the reel have been manufactured from a high stress carbon composite that offers excellent strength whilst keeping the reels weight to a minimum. The handle is made from machined aluminium, yet again for strength and weight reduction on the reel and is finished of with a comfortable to cylindrical grip which is very comfortable to hold. The bail arm has been titanium coated and incorporates a rotor lock system which once the bail arm is open for casting, this locks the rotor in position, which in turn prevents the bail arm closing whilst you are casting. Another one of the many features that this well designed reel incorporates is the very precise and instant anti-reverse system, this totally eliminates any reverse movement of the handle when the anti reverse switch is in the engaged position.

Tournos 8000 2

These well thought out feature a very responsive and easy to use Rapid drag system. This enables you to go from fighting drag (clutch set to enable line to be taken by a fighting fish) to free spool mode in half a turn of the front drag control dial. With a little bit of fine tuning, you can achieve a very precise free running and fighting drag to suite the size of fish you will be targeting on any given session.

Tournos 8000 3

Inside the reel you have 8 + 1 Stainless shielded bearings, these bearings work together to give the reel a smooth oscillation, which in turn drive the dual strength stainless steel main shaft producing a 4.6-1 gear ration. To keep the line lay as even as possible, SONIK SPORTS have also incorporated Worm drive, this is a system that gives the TOURNOS 8000 its perfect line lay. The reel is supplied with two cast aluminium spools that incorporate long cast angled lips for smooth line distribution. The spools also feature twin spring loaded line clips for total strength and reliability, this is essential when clipping up is necessary and precision is the key to success. The spools have different line capacities, the MEDIUM SPOOL will take 300yds of 12lb or 270m of 0.32mm or330yds of 15lb or 300m of 0.35mm diameter line, whilst the DEEP SPOOL which is ideally suited to the angler who fishes at long range will take 350yds of 12lb or 320m of 0.32mm diameter line to fill to the recommended maximum line capacity.

Tournos 8000 4

One of the biggest problems with many mid priced, big pit reels is line getting caught or tangled underneath the spool. To eliminate this problem you have the Anti-tangle line drop system. This is a moulded unit that sits on the spindle, directly underneath the spool and features two protruding pins that touch and rotate with the rotor, making it near impossible for line to encroach under the spool and get tangled around the spindle.

Tournos 8000 5

First Impressions

After having a thorough play around in the office with the TOURNOS 8000 from SONIK SPORTS, the UKMA team were very impressed with these stylish but minimal looking reels. They offer the complete package with a spare spool, cloth bag and enough features to keep a WAG happy. They offer the user a very smooth reel that if it had a well known branding on it would cost you a lot more than these sell for. At the moment SONIK SPORTS retailers are offering the TOURNOS 8000 at £149.99 each but this is where it gets good, If you buy two you get the third reel free of charge, so for £300 you get three excellent reels which is superb value for money.

Tournos 8000 6

As per usual, the UKMA team rest our reputation on total honesty when it comes to our reviews and this can only be achieved by actually loading the reels with line and taking them out on the bank to see exactly how well they perform in an angling environment. So we’ll be taking them out on the bank this week to put them through their paces during a 48 hour session in search of big carp, so until them watch this space!


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